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So, that’s that I guess. An end of an era. My rite of passage. Whatever you may want to call it, it’s over and now I’ve got to move on. C’mon we’re not the first batch to pass out of college. I’m betting everything is overrated. Funny how I try to convince myself. Yes, I […]

this is it


Hmm. So we had our farewell today and you could say it was pretty good. Not overly emotional or anything, just the right amount of laughter and a little bit of tears. To top it off, tomorrows the last working day of our college life! It’s actually been an amazing four years. Amazing. College changes […]

Being Cyrus


Let me begin by stating that I loathe indian movies. I’m one of those people who truly believe that Bollywood caters to heavily disillusioned teenagers and 45 year old slobs going through mid life crises. Having said that, let me say that Being Cyrus is different from everything else I’ve seen. For one, it’s entirely […]

The great thing about staying in a hostel is that you get to befriend all kinds of people and most of the time you can count on them when your’e going through difficult times, which in my case was being broke and in need of a long overdue (atleast, according to me) haircut. So, Abel […]

For an unadulterated version of the events that went down the previous saturday, check out this post by Johnny a.k.a tux. Camera phones do come in handy! Click here!  



History is indeed written/rewritten by the winners of any conflict. But it doesn’t always mean that the winners were right. Truth is a tricky thing, too many shades of gray to it. I know it sounds like something straight out of The Da Vinci code but I think it sometimes holds true even when it […]

Done! Finally!


I actually completed my project and boy, does it feel good or what! I think it’s the single most coolest thing we’ve accomplished ever because we had to work on the coding from scratch and it turned out to be pretty neat. Thanks go to all those people who took time to figure out what […]