to all you creationist homophobes



I just watched X2:X Men United again because I was really stoked by the trailer for the upcoming X3, which looks pretty amazing.

It has me thinking about a couple of things.

1. Why do we always fear something that we can’t understand or that is different? Why do we feel threatened by people whose ways of lives are different from our own. Yes, I’m talking about the majority of us being homophobic. Fact is I am too sometimes but I don’t understand why we always think that gay men/women do not deserve the same rights we enjoy? Frankly, I was upset when Crash beat Brokeback at the oscars. I haven’t seen Brokeback but as a viewer of Crash, I must admit that it wasn’t nearly as powerful as say, American History X. However, I thought it was very well written and I dug all the intertwining plots but at the end you were just left with questions and no resolutions. Are the Americans really homophobes inspite of all they say?

2. Why are people threatened by the Theory of Evolution? Why do we dislike the fact that monkeys may have been our ancestors? Or maybe it’s because we think that it does not require a creator, God. Accept it people, there are things that we haven’t been able to fully understand yet. Doesn’t mean the underlying theories or beliefs are wrong. We just have to find out how to relate them. Capisce?

Listening to Someday by Flipsyde


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