I was going through a write up on Joss Whedon, writer of Buffy, Angel, Serenity and numerous comics most notably Astonishing X Men. He is a self proclaimed atheist and absurdist. Made me check out what absurdism was all about. It’s a philosophy that states that man’s quest to find meaning or essence in life will ultimately fail because no such thing exists.

The point of life is to live.pvp_joss_whedon.jpg

In the meantime, you can add meaning to life in your own way by doing the things you like and enjoy. It sounds good but I think it starts getting messy once you hit a certain age. When ‘just living’ means nothing and life just starts looking like a chore. I do admit it holds a cerain charm for the youth of today who are enslaved to consumerism.

I guess, in the end we all need some hope that is larger than anything we can imagine.

Right nowsick.nauseous.


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