24 is getting to me and other embarassing stuff


kiefer_article.jpgYea…Oh how the mighty have fallen!! I have no idea why I just said that!

I need to break free from so many things and mostly from the own limits I’ve set for myself. I hate being so caged and resrticted. I need to do something to free my mind. Atleast take take my mind off reality for a while.

24 has really taken its toll on me. Didn’t realise I missed this genre so much. I’ve been so hooked to ‘coming of age’ books and movies, I almost forgot I once wanted to work for the CIA (or the CID atleast)…I’d make a good agent too. I’ve got the looks. Riiiiight!

“Agent Bauer may be comprimised. Take appropriate action.”

Anyhoo, 24 is a pretty cool series.

M has had her google talk account used by someone in the computer lab(M hadn’t looged out) who has a pretty good sense of humour. Extremely hilarious conversation even if it was laced with a couple of obsceneties. The conv was with this cousin of M who I think is a bit of a smart ass too.


The last sms chat I had with M is as follows-

M- Hey u, ths is M…I jus read ur msg nw.I shl tel my cuz tht he hs bcme a lafin stok.mayb thatl stop him frm talkin to evry tom dik and harry or as he calls it evry vasu, dasapan and unikrihnan.

M- Reply to my cel if u do and me goin hme tmw…byeee

Me- Y u goin home tmw???Nooooooooooo.

Me- Hellloooo? Y u goin home tmw????

Me- Yalloooooooooo? Y d hel u goin home tmw????

M- u korenge me goin home cos my grandma pasd away

Me- Oh man Im so sorry…i really am…gnite

M- hey itz ok…gnite. hence tmws WWS is suspended ie weekend wakeup services


Talk about an awkward conv huh??? Man…why do I always do this? Anyhoo, atleast she had her sense of humor intact!

Right nowclear conscience.(???)


One Response to “24 is getting to me and other embarassing stuff”

  1. im not alone in this world … my aunty died and i was more botherd about my rex who passed away

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