a prospective “achayan” rambles


Now that I’ve restricted my viewing habits (even though I sneak a peak at the odd scrubs episode or two), I have a lot of idle time…and you know what that means. Means i go off on tangents and that,my dear friends, isn’t always very healthy.

 Where will I be in 10 years? Yea yea, I shouldn’t be thinking about that kinda stuff when I’m not really sure where I’m at now. But still. Will I be one of those Malayali “achayans” who think that manhood is directly proportional to the amount of facial hair?

Will I be one of those guys who when you walk in on them have their legs all stretched out on the sofa and scream at their ever so patient wives, “Mollyyy, wheyr iis mye fiish currii???”

Will I be one of those fathers who ask their bespectacled kids to “simbly study, read and write” because I’d like to watch the evening, morning and night news even if it’s all the same?

I wonder, will I be one of those guys who show up at church and yap my head off and complain how inefficient the priest was?

Will i be one of those guys who build huge houses just to show that “cash, enikku verum nuts”?(cash means peanuts to me).

 I hope not.

Maybe I won’t really turn in to all that, but I hope I have the presence of mind to realise where I’m going. I hope I don’t turn out to be one of those people who’ve resigned to their fates.

Swen just made me realise that we may have stopped maturing after we hit 10. We still act like pre pubescent hormonal kids. Check it out here. (http://swengeorge.blogspot.com/2006/03/this-is-how-2-near-adults-and.html). I think the immaturity is what spawned our Extreme gang and all. The wierdest bit is that none of us really mind, ‘cos deep down we never want to let go of that kid in us…maybe even when we turn into “achayans”.





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