haircut made me light headed


How broke am I? I couldn’t even afford a haircut. Thankfully, Sijo was kind enough to trim my hair and I must say, I look gooooooood! The sides and the back are perfect and I have just enough hair in the front to remind you of …well…me!

 11 more days to go and as excited I am about getting out of this hell hole, I kinda wonder what the last day in class is going to be like. Our seniors or atleast one of them pretty much made a scene in the department bawling away to glory. I doubt it’ll be that emotional for us mainly because we’re already preparing ourselves. Meaning: some of them have already started getting all touchy feely.

The scariest part is submitting my project. You see, I’m supposed to design a radio packet that employs both Frequency Hopping and Turbo Coding. Add to that a dash of EGC and MRC and you pretty much have an effed up project. It’s all alright except for the dehopping part. I better come up with something for that. I actually love my project mainly ‘cos we were able to identify a tiny (eeny weeny) flaw in an IEEE paper and that’s a pretty huge thing to do.

mars.gifGoogle is probably the 4th coolest invention ever. The others being the wheel, language and the internet. Being an avid astronomy enthusiast, I was blown away by Google Mars ( It has a lot of cool images and stuff from the THEMIS project. Great stuff.

scrubs1-23.jpgDr Cox on Scrubs is the coolest guy on TV ever!

“That’s either a light bulb up his pooper or his colon just had a great idea.”


Listening to Bulletproof…I Wish I Was by Radiohead

Right Nowcalm.slightly hedonistic.



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