10 working days and counting…


Tux is here and boy, there are very few people I’m actually gonna miss around here and he’s one of them. When everythings said and done, that geek is actually an inspiration for us all.

Just when you think that leaving college is going to get you all emotional, you happen to attend one of the worst morning counselling sessions ever. Man! I’m looking forward to getting out of here more than ever. The anthem drives me crazy!

People keep saying that colege is probably the most important phase in your life especially where career is concerned but honestly, I really can’t say that I’ve learnt anything from class here. The system is so effed up that all you can do is …well…blame the system! I mean it’s amazing that I’m almost a full blown engineer but I really can’t apply anything I’ve learnt. Maybe that’s the thing about us regional engineering college students, we’re meant to be the bottom feeders. We’re the Sudras of the corporate world, the ones who do menial labour, the ones who can never complain about the lack of growth in an organisation. But, the good news is we can change that if we just put a little heart into it (eg: Swen and Tux). I wonder if it’s the lack of ambition or jut plain lethargy. Maybe both.

Funny thing is I thought I’d hate engineering when I got into it but I think I’ve developed a love for all things wireless. No innuendo there.

Was reading about Issac Hayes leaving the cast of South Park because according to him, the creators (Matt Stone and Trey Parker) crossed lines of relegious insensitivity by ridiculing his relegion, Scientology. That’s funny because he never seemed to have a problem when over the last 9 years, South Park has taken very very tasteless jabs at Christianity (The passion of mel gibson is one of the very few episodes I’ve seen). Theres something about these wierd Scientology guys (read John Travolta and Tom Cruise) that totally freaks me out.


Listening to Laid by Math Nathanson
Right Nownoisy.hyperactive.


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