public enemy no 2???



shoddy image editing I admit, but wierd and disturbing nonetheless. forgive me swen.


5 Responses to “public enemy no 2???”

  1. u bloody bastard.. u cant do this to me..
    on the bright side my mean look is still better than his… xXx 2 my ass …

  2. U piece of shit you could have told me you blog na. anyway.. nice blog ye got mate……..

  3. um…hey arpit. when i blogged on blogger, i tried to keep it anonymous…this new blog is…less secretive.

  4. 4 Kranium

    shit the resemblancei is uncanny. hey deadalus… did you acutally pose for this picture or did it get taken while you were not aware.
    Oh did i mention i hated the dude in the picture? ( the other dude).

  5. shit with being secretive.. I tried doing that a long time ago… just got to be true to yourself man. Thing about being secretive is that cant really interact with real people its all virtual. being not secretive is not very comfortable in the beginning its get easier as time goes by. by the way you might want to try useful thing to keep track of all your commments when you comment on other people blog.

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