a normal childhood?


At every point in our lives all of us have our quirks, passions or obsessions or whatever else you may want to call it. Fact is I just realized that I’ve been obsessed with a variety of things since I was kid and its kind of funny reminiscing about them.

1. Age 4 -8 Thundercats, the cartoon was something that totally held sway over my life at that time. Apart from the cartoon cassettes, I had the action figures of almost all the main characters and even the replica of the Sword of Thundera which made weird fart like noises. It’s probably the only cartoon theme song my mom can hum. It was also the age I was obsessed with competition especially in class. I could get pretty competitive. Like for instance if you got more marks than me in spellings, I’d make sure you wouldn’t come to school tomorrow. Heh.
2. Age 9-13 My first crush happened around at this point of time and I think was obsessed to such a degree that it could have been termed as stalking. And yes, I never told her how I felt, which isn’t such a bad thing after all because I realized that all the boys in the class had a thing for her. Little boys and their fantasies! Dinosaurs were another fascination during those years. I tried to get my hands on everything dinosaur related. Books, stickers, toys, T shirts…you name it. I think it may have been because of Jurassic Park. Come to think of it, I even knew the wing spans of Pterodactyls and Pterandons.
3. Age 13-16 The X Files, alien conspiracies, hokey theories and even a dash of the paranormal. Thanks to these “dark” interests, my wardrobe was filled with black, black and oh yes, the occasional black clothes. I was also hooked to the Goosebumps series of books by R L Stine. And of course, my second crush! Who could forget her? Beautiful eyes, beautiful hair and totally oblivious to the fact that I existed. My fascination for Astrophysics also peeked its little head out at this time.
4. Age 16-18 The coolest and most “intellectual” years of my life. My stint at atheism had given me the opportunity to read upon other theories and hence began my love for the stars and astrophysics, an element of which still exists. I made sure I got myself all the books by Carl Sagan (my favorite author) and Stephen Hawking, and I even actually read them! Man! I can’t believe I loved something so much, so much to a point that I neglected my life or whatever was left of it.
5. 1st year– College began and thanks to this place, I hated everything and everybody around so I really don’t remember much of whatever it was that kept me awake during this year. I do remember having arguments about God though.
6. 2nd year-Fell hook, line and sinker yet again for everything that was related to astronomy and the likes. Plus I also began reading books of all sorts. What had me running around and checking the internet was The Da Vinci Code. I remember getting all worked up about the book and pretty much ruined the plot for anybody who was unfortunate enough to have a 2 minute conversation with me.
7. 3rd year– Garden State, the movie. What can I say but that I was totally obsessed with this movie and still am. I also fantasized about making my own movie and even came up with a screenplay of mine which still occupies a special place in my cupboard. I was also interested in filmmaking techniques and read a lot on that. All theory and no practice, the story of my life!
8. 4th year-Scrubs, scrubs, scrubs and books including two of my favorites, Catcher in the Rye and The Beach! And oh yeah, my project. I’m so obsessed I still haven’t finished it!

Makes me realize that we live in a material world and I‘m a material…um…boy!


Listening to I’m Just A Kid by Simple Plan


5 Responses to “a normal childhood?”

  1. your rite. It is based on the same lines. So i guess its not only goosepimples huh? i had a feeling u would mention the senti part … but didnt want the entry to end like this :” I AM NOT SENTI”

  2. Crying is good for the souls… I hope you people crying like a bunch of babies when I am around. yeah I am a pathetic sadist. Just kidding pal we still a long long way to go. At least you got a good start in this race.

    By the way how many GB’s is the Scrubs series???

  3. shit I forgot to cocomment this

  4. Hey
    We’ve currently got 4 seasons of scrubs…halfd of 2 and 4…a total of 78 awesome awesome episodes….close to 10gb…dont thnk im gonna write it though…will be on my hard disk

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