12 things I want to do before I hit 30


Looking back, college has always been a series of missed oppurtunities. I was either too afraid to try something out or too lazy. Mostly just lazy and uninspired. Now that everythings almost over, I regret not taking any chances and doing stuff that I really should have. But what the hell! I’m only 21!(only 21????)…so I’m guessing I’ve got a few good years left. Besides, time is a funny thing. It makes everybody regress.

So here’s a list of things I want to accmplish before I hit 30 (and make another list) or get married, whichever comes first.

1. A Library. I want to have enough books so I can set up my own little library at home, mostly with books that I’ve read and have had some impact on me. That’s a lot of books actually. Plus I’d also want to have section of DVDs with my favourite movies as well as a music library.

2. I want to compile all my random rantings since I was kid and make a little memoir/journal. Pretty much all about me and I’d want to title it as Finding Myself.

3. Get a mini DV cam and direct a short film that has an actual plot that is coherent and structured. Of course I’d love to turn my screenplay into a movie but all of us know that’s just a pipe dream.

4. Have a job that actually means something to me and to everybody else. I don’t want to work in a firm that employs people, turns them into cogs in a machine that singularly serves vested interests of other multinational corporations. I want to do something that turns out useful to the society we live in and oh yeah, make lots of dough in the process.

5. Get a PG degree in my field.

6. I want to be able to buy really rare editions of some graphic novels like V for Vendetta, Ghost World, Watchmen, The Killing Joke, Batman: Year One etc…

7. I want to be succesful enough to diversify my career interests, maybe even go into entrepreneurship.

8. Learn to drive a 4 wheeler( I already have a license) without running over people nd get my own two wheeler possibly a scooter. Somehow, that’s the kind of vehicle I can see myself driving. No bikes please.

9. Buy a telescope and join an amateur astronomy club, hopefully overseas. I’d also want to name my own comet. I’d call it PS1984 ( my initials and 1984, one of my fav books which also happens to be the year I was born in).

10. Go on a trip alone (or with my significant other) to Singapore, Norway or the beaches of Thailand.

11. Start my own secret society and mete death penalties to those who break their oaths.

12. Meet somebody who actually gets me. Somebody I can have meaningful or meaningless conversations with. Somebody who shares my interests but is confident enough to disagree with me. Somebody I can share the rest of my life with. And by somebody, I mean somebody from the opposite sex.

Alright, so it’s all just wishful thinking….but we all need reasons to get up in the morning right?

 All of you’ve got a list too right?

Listening to God put a smile upon your face by Coldplay


PS-Happy Birthday Meenu! I almost forgot!


5 Responses to “12 things I want to do before I hit 30”

  1. wat about getting laid??? hehe ..

    when u done with poit 6 .. let me know.. ill xerox em ..

  2. 2 kranialfire

    Ya lemme know too and we’ll start a seconds sale of original comics 😉

  3. 3 Sukhi

    ha ha ha ha.
    did u get thru any of them?

  4. @ Sukhi Ah well…Im not 30 yet! 🙂

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