a true story


The following is a true story. The real names of the characters have been avoided so as to preserve their dignity or whatever is left of it.

Garden State was woken up by the sharp irritating ring tone of his mobile phone. It was Sound Guy. He had decided to cancel his plans thereby leaving the onus on Daedalus and Garden State to do the dirty work.

After performing the morning chores they had been programmed to do since childhood, they got the 8’o clock bus to Gandhpuram on which GardenState was left standing and had to have pointless conversations with one of his juniors while Daedalus had a good solid nap.

Once they reached R S Puram, GS left for a Men’s clothing store, Upbeat to enquire about the cost to print out T shirts for his entire class while D went off to Reliance Webworld so that he could arrange a computer with broadband connection so as to take the MS interview on monday. GS had finished his work in 10 minutes and returned to webworld to find D still loitering around mumbling something from which only the words ‘technical guy’, ‘interview’ and ‘Saibaba colony’ were coherent. So, off they went to Saibaba Colony’s Webworld! There they were witness to some of the most amazing sights ever including a sexy video conferencing room, a nerdy kid playing some stupid game and an overly geeky tech guy. After Swen…um…D had gotten his stuff done, the both of them decided to take printouts of the design for the eXtreme T Shirt D had designed the previous night onto heat transfer paper which took quite a bit of time. During this time, the overly geeky guy messed up two papers that would have cost him close to Rs 100. After the whole ordeal they paid the man for 6 print outs which came to a grand total of Rs 750.

Both of these so-called-friends caught an auto back to Upbeat and bought 6 plain black T Shirts for Rs 130 each. Since the two idiots hadn’t had breakfast, they decided to go to a Chinese restaurant for lunch where Punnen…um…GS had Cantonese Noodles and D had Chicken/Prawn Salad.

Seemingly happy and fulfilled they came back (after another little adventure of sorts) along with Fried Rice for the Sound Guy and called to order an eXtreme meeting.

The rest of the story is too painful to relate, suffice to say that the T Shirts are pretty much ruined and that atleast 250 Rs per person went down the drain. Sunshine, who is heavily in debt was shocked and is currently missing, tux is back to programming and Sound Guy is enjoying his fried rice. Daedalus may have gone mad and GS is currently thinking of ways to write better stories.


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