a typical conversation with my bro


Mathew: did i tell u that i have a theory for miracles?

punnen: yea…wat is it?

 Mathew: you see in quantum mechanics, there’s something called barrier tunnenling heard of it

punnen: yea…

Mathew: a particle that has to arrive at a final state from an initial state but has to overcome a hogh energy barrier high

punnen: k….

Mathew: the barrier is much higher than the energy posessed by the particle so its classically impossoble to pass the barrier (wall)

 punnen: k…

Mathew: but due to the uncertainty principle there is a finite probability that the particle’s position is outside the wall small but finite

punnen: k

Mathew: if the particle arrives at the wall a very large number of times per second, there is a good chance that it will tunnel thru the barrier and apparently violate energy consevation

punnen: k..wr is thsi goin?

 Mathew: thats how alpha emission from a nucleus takes place

punnen: k

Mathew: my point is that anything is possible noo matter how high the barrier to be very crude but more scientifically — >

punnen: oh

 Mathew: wait if i have an apple in my hand,

punnen: k…

Mathew: there is a finite probability that the paricles in the apple exist on the table instead of my hand

 punnen: huh??? probability is a trcky thing,….

Mathew: so in a trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years

punnen: i know where ur headed now….

Mathew: there’s a good chance that the apple will magically transport itself from my hand to the table THE THING IS THAT

punnen: ….but probability isnt such a great way to prove stf

Mathew: this event with the very small probabilty can happen any time in the trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion years even now now suppose the event is me getting admission to MIT…. he he

punnen: hehe…look….

Mathew: what controls the probability???? God?

punnen: i still don’t think this whole probability deal is sucha great way to prove stuff…too vague

Mathew: of course its vague there is no such thing as probability my last post in ATS was…

punnen: see? actually u still need something oustsid the border of consciousness to explain something like that …God for example…

Mathew: what exactly does it mean for something to rely on probability? i mean, prob isnt a law, its not even mathematically sound… prob is like escapism… there must be some hidden variable or an undiscovered law that can explain the apparent randomness observed in quantum systems… declaring that such things are ‘governed by probability’ is like trying to shirk from findin the right description… does probability mean that quantum events are random??? but what IS “random” ? how do you define it? everything must happen for a reason right?? how can the effect of a cause be just random???



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  1. dude you makin my head spin

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