Done! Finally!


untitled.JPGI actually completed my project and boy, does it feel good or what! I think it’s the single most coolest thing we’ve accomplished ever because we had to work on the coding from scratch and it turned out to be pretty neat. Thanks go to all those people who took time to figure out what was wrong. Vivek, Bharti, Ajay sir….thankyou!

Now, we’ve got exactly 4 more working days and passing out looks more real than ever. I actually remember the first day of college. Coming to class, sitting somewhere in the first 2 rows and forming opinions of teachers and classmates which eventually changed over the course of 4 years. I guess that’s what college teaches you. Instinct is not all that reliable always and there are times when you actually have to take the time to know people.

I like that statement on Johnny’s blog that goes something like “We live alone, we die alone but it is love and friendships that give as the illusion that we’re not alone.” Everything is overrated, but I guess during every phase in our lives, we all need people to get through it.

I’ve also decided to write more. I think I’ve come up with an idea for another little (pointless) screenplay. Funny that everything I write has a semi autobiographical touch to it. Hmmm.


Listening to I aint saying my goodbyes by Tom Vek
Homesick by The Vines


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