Being Cyrus



Let me begin by stating that I loathe indian movies. I’m one of those people who truly believe that Bollywood caters to heavily disillusioned teenagers and 45 year old slobs going through mid life crises.

Having said that, let me say that Being Cyrus is different from everything else I’ve seen. For one, it’s entirely in english meaning I needed no transalation. But it is also a concept and a screenplay that is for most part original though various foriegn film influences are evident. Especially, a bit of Kurosawa (the murder scene).

I was totally engrossed throughout the run time of the film and thought it was actually pretty smart, but sometimes too smart for itself. However what stood out was the screenplay which inspite being in english seldom felt forced.

It began as a story where everybody seemed to be going through an existensial crises of sorts and started resorting to desperate measures. However, by the 3rd act, layers came peeling off all characters and it careened towars a murder mystery that had a pretty satisfying and mostly unexpected conclusion. However the editing (done by John Harris of Snatch fame) is a bit tacky and I prefer the steadicam to shaky camera work.

It’s movies like these that inspire me to do something that is totally out of character for me. I really would love to go for a course in filmmaking and direction someday. Mybe after I’ve figured everything else out.

“If you try to grab too much from life, you end up losing pieces of yourself.”-Cyrus Mistri


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