this is it


Hmm. So we had our farewell today and you could say it was pretty good. Not overly emotional or anything, just the right amount of laughter and a little bit of tears. To top it off, tomorrows the last working day of our college life!

It’s actually been an amazing four years. Amazing. College changes everything I guess. People seldom go out the same way they come in. The hardest part is maybe realizing that you may never be able to be with people who vibe with you so well again. But I guess the fact is however hard it is we have got to move on.

Sure, I’ll look back to everything that’s happened here. There have been rough times and there sure as hell have been great times. And all of us lived in the moment. Maybe that’s what we’re supposed to do because in the end, life is definitely the sum total of all its moments no matter whether good or bad.

I still remember the first year vividly. How everybody just wished that everything would get over soon but as we got along, we slowly realized that we were perhaps going through the best phase of our lives.

People have always amazed me here. Selflessness is a trait I can never muster in me but I’ve seen it in so many of my friends here that it’s sometimes hard not to feel bad about ourselves. Sure I’ve met people I cannot stand but I’m betting they think I’m an ass too. So no hard feelings there.

I do want to leave college and start life on the outside but what I dread is being alone in a crowd. The worst part is when you’re stuck in a crowd where everybody is so different that you can relate to no one. I guess at least the next one year is going to be like that for me.

So what can I do? Nothing. Just wait and let life take it’s course.


Listening to Sooner or Later by Breaking Benjamin

PS-Yours truly won Mr. Well-Dressed at our farewell party today. I know I know. How he hell did that happen???


2 Responses to “this is it”

  1. best phase of our life?? hmmm … u and me are so very very different …

  2. 2 Kranium

    what the heck?? seems to me your ulteriorly siding the damn place. However some of your points are kinda true. Especailly the part of going to the outside world and being “stuck in a crowd where everybody is so different that you can relate to no one”. Nonetheless “Mr. Well Dressed”? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMIN TOO? whats next?
    TC dawg!

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