my friend ben-another story


You could say that Ben was my best friend. As much as I loved Ben, I hated him too.

A friend is somebody who knows you inside out, can predict what’s on your mind and can take any of your erratic behavior with a pinch of salt and forget about it a few moments later. In these aspects, Ben certainly was my best friend.

I’ve known Ben for as long as I can remember and I’d be lying if I said that we didn’t have amazing times. The best of these times were when we got into debates and conversations that brought out dimensions of ourselves that we didn’t know existed. But then again, we had bad times too. Real bad.

Ben is the extreme opposite of what I am in every way that you can probably think of. I trust people too easily while he is the eternal skeptic. I am a devout believer while he is a staunch atheist. There are times when our personal tiffs have come in the way of us making decisions. I remember one time when we were around 13 years old and I hadn’t studied for a test and Ben passed me a note with the answers. Me being the nervous wreck, got caught and in the principal’s office, I blamed Ben for everything. The Principal just nodded her head and called for my parents. Ben walked away free. I hated Ben for over a month and didn’t talk to him.

But there were times when Ben got me out of trouble as well. He always rescued me when I was too tongue tied in front of my friends. He always knew the right things to say and I remember wishing that I could be more like Ben.

Ben and I even had a crush on the same girl. She was everything that a boy of 16 could dream of but there too, Ben stole my thunder. To this day, I think Stacy liked Ben more than me. I can never say that to him though.

We even went to the same college and you could always say that people preferred being around Ben more than me. After all, he was more outgoing, more adventurous and surer of himself than I was. I was a disaster in college and my jealousy of Ben proved to be my destruction. I scored low in the finals and had to work for a shipping firm for over a year. But what surprised me was that Ben telling me that I would never be the same without him. He said that I needed him more than he needed me. He called himself my “ball and chain”. To my amazement he joined me at the docks and there he convinced me to take up a master’s degree in management. I had to clear the exam for that first. Ben convinced me that I could and assured me that he would help me.

A year and a half later, we aced the test and got into a prestigious business school. Soon, I was a 30 year old self made millionaire running my own shipping business. I lost touch with Ben soon after and I’m not quite sure of what he was up to for the next five years.

To my parent’s chagrin, I got married to somebody they disapproved of. She was the apple of my eye and meant the world to me. Soon after we had our first child, Ben came back. That’s when everything unraveled.

For the most, I was oblivious to Ben’s attraction to my wife. A few months later it was obvious that she returned his feelings too. What happened later is still too blurry for me to recall, but I remember in a fit of madness hurling a vase at her head.

She died later that day and when the cops arrested me, I pointed my finger at Ben. Ben just stood there, lowered his head and sighed. And now, here I am sitting within these four white walls. Things could have been different.

After all this, there is only one thing I wish. I wish, that Ben and I weren’t the same person.


4 Responses to “my friend ben-another story”

  1. 1 Kranium

    OK whats up with the ‘Identity’ theme..multiple personalities and stuff.. a pretty neat story none the less.

  2. why do people have to die @ the end in your stories ???
    > u kill the wife..
    > u kill jason @ 18 (Hmmm… )
    > u cut that girl’s legs off…

    Violent… May b u should consider putting a warning for violence … 🙂

  3. Hmm…the identity theme. I dunno. Maybe its this whole identity crisis at the end of college.

    Johnny…I’m not a sadist by any means. I do love happy stories…it’s just that…i dunno…bad things happen! Ha! The next time I write something, I promise it shall have a more “feel good” theme. Dedicated to Swen and you!

  4. 4 Kranium

    hmmm tvm is still a boring place..nonetheless if it werent for those suttle distractions id be insane by now…As of now im just 6 feet from the egde!!!! I dont intend to make you cry but if you wanna take a peek at how things looked like just lemme know..i’ll give you access to my flikr.. besides could learn how to do the same!! hehe

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