quarter life blah blah


3733064538663728.JPGWow. I’ve never been so confused in my entire life! Atleast, I think that’s the case.

I know this whole deal about “Quarter Life Crisis” topic has been done to death thanks to books, movies, music and various other media but I just can’t help thinking all this is actually a bit real.

First off, for the nay sayers and skeptics. It is real. Check out the link (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quarter_life_crisis).

I don’t think I’ve fully understood the magnanimity of what I’m going through but can relate to most of the questions asked below even though my foray into the real world is a week away-

-Where is my life headed?
-Am i lost and wandering forever? Shouldn’t there be a goal in my life rite now?
-What happened to all the goals that I had before I took a job – my higher studies what happened to them?
-Why do I feel that I am not that productive, at the same time not feel guilty about it?
-Why am I missing so many things of college life – and the most the carefree aspect?
-Why do I keep feeling that this is definitely not what I want to do for the rest of my life?
-At the same time, this is what I have been training myself to do over the course of 4 years of engineering!
-What am I to do now that I have tasted this aspect of life – i.e. working and earning some moolah!
-Am I doing the right kinda things in life to take me to my goal – which is what?
-Should there be a special someone in my life now?
-Should there be a special someone in my life ever?

I wonder, do these questions actually have answers or do we just let life take it’s own course? Most importantly, do all my friends go through the same shit or is this as they say, an isolated case?

What worries me most is becoming another cog in a machne. The loss of individuality.

Funny, that we seldom think of the consequences of our actions when we are young. Maybe that’s what all this is about. Regret. Regret that we can’t go back and change the past. Vicious cycle of cause and effect this is.



Listening to Church of your Heart by Roxette (I’m having a very gay day!)

 PS-part of the above ruminations are inspired by this post.


2 Responses to “quarter life blah blah”

  1. regarding u will “become another cog in a machine.” or ” The loss of individuality.”

    They can tell you what to do; But they can’t tell you what to feel …

    individuality is all in the head ….

  2. true but whats the use of keeping your individuality in the head though?

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