1 down, 1 more to go


Time sucks. I hate it when it speeds past so fast that you barely realise what hit you.

Had an exam today…computer communication. You could say it was pretty alright, not exceptionally great or anything. The next one is supposed to be pretty hard. And then, it’s all over…wow…actually…OVER! I guess everyone will be leaving by the 13th or so. I’ve got tons of packing to do…so may have to stay back till the 15th or so.

Man…everythings is going by so damn fast that things are starting to blur around me. I thik I’m going to miss this room a lot more than class or anything.

Things I’m going to miss about the hostel-

  • The sucky food which gives us ample oppurtunities to blame the system.
  • The cat calls and howls( especially by Samuel) in the wing when the power goes out.
  • The late nights before the exams where we end up laughing our hearts out instead of concentrating on more pressing concerns like say, studying!
  • Movies. Will I ever get to see so many ever again???
  • Enjoying black coffee in the confines of my room. Trust me, the feeling is like no other.
  • The mirror. Who in the right mind would actually place huge mirrors in the Men’s hostel rooms? There are times when I’ve actually stood in front of it and looked at myself for hours at a stretch. Deeply disturbing…yes.
  • The Internet. I’m still amazed how the net’s hold on me hasn’t affected my grades. Alright…it hasn’t affected my grades VISIBLY.
  • Fake IP addresses that give you unlimited access to the net throughout the day! I’m one of the lucky few who haven’t been caught yet. ( mwahahaha!)
  • Late night conversations ranging from metaphysics to the tragedy that is life!
  • The road side shops. “Akka’s Thattu Shop” and “Hot Dog” (called so because of widespread rumours that the beef served there may actually be dog meat. Further attested by the fact that stray dogs in the campus seem to be disappearing. heh.).
  • Lazy Saturday mornings where every room blasts out music with little concern about the reprucussions.
  • 2 to 5 pm naps in the rooms when the lighting is just perfect.
  • The LAN…the best and most efficient way to share stuff. On the computer, that is.
  • The privacy. Expect nothing of this sort once we pass out.
  • Friends. Hostel wouldn’t be the same without these set of lunatics.

There are a lot more…but I think that maybe, just maybe…I should start studying!


EDIT: I’ll also miss the ‘birthday bums’ like the one Jerin and Andrew just got. Man, they looked painful!


3 Responses to “1 down, 1 more to go”

  1. Hello… Nice to hear from you… And nice blog by the way… I’ll be linking you to my blog if you don’t mind… Where are you right now da? And your friends Swen, and Johnny sound foreign, so I’m guessing you’re outta India or they’re exchange students, so anyways… keep in Touch… I’m outta here…

  2. 2 Kranium

    Hahaahaaaa ..i have to admit the above post got me laughing ma butt off. Swen foreign?? Shit..that guy is like 100% indian..the only advantage he has is that he been in Germany..much like most of us..However ..ya post is pretty cool nigga..Couple of points to reiterate..watching movies is possible if you guys have broadband at the place you stay otherwise you screwed. A couple of things i miss from college days .. LAN ..absolutely nothing to replace that….Movie Marathon.. .i cant remember the last time i had one.. and the tons of niggas that have the same ‘Rage against the Machine’ attitude..(Sigh).. the IRony of LIfe..Best of luck for ya next exam..

  3. no dude… don’t think anyone else does… lemme know if there’s anyone who does… Maybe Mohit?

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