growing pains?


I did the weirdest thing yesterday. I took down all my posters. Batman, Justice League, Wolverine. Don't know why I did it but I suddenly got the feeling that I was too old. Not mature or anything, just old.

I really need to find something to do. All this idleness is making me think. Aaargh!

I've really started getting into Calvin and Hobbes these days….and I love it. Is Calvin schizophrenic or just plain delusional?

I just realised that more than 50% ofthe population in my hometown is over 55. Talk about young India!


Listening to The Wrong Man was Convicted by Barenaked Ladies

PS-I took down the posters and stuck them inside my cupboard.


6 Responses to “growing pains?”

  1. 1 Daniel

    hai puns
    eda i am happy to read ur blogs. well,whn i read thm,it gives me a feeling tht all of u (all my friends,esp in our wing) are back here. hey i am missing ur f@*$ viliii..hehehe…
    hope u all are having fun…take care…and do keep blogging.
    bye 4 now.

  2. 2 Kranium

    so inside the cupboard eh? hipocrite!!! mature my a$$!
    Anyhoo when you leaving for the promised land??

  3. u had me scared for a moment.. phew ..

  4. 21 & u feel old.. guess it’s relative.
    maybe u’ll smile when u find those posters when u r 50

  5. 5 Joel Robinson

    ya,I too feel like pullin ronaldinho’s poster after barcelona defeated acmilan…..but,he is the best(sigh..)

    Barcelona is a spanish team and Acmilan is an italian team….my comp’s name!!

  6. Hey bro. Eva Mendez to you?

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