day 1-no paranoia …yet


Alright. First day at my first job! Well, after around 3 hours of staring at a white wall, I was briefed on what the whole deal was about.

The company sets up VSATs (one topic I had conveniently skipped when I was back in college) in collaboration with Lockheed Martin, the defense contractor. I'll be involved with the design and implementation and may be shifted to marketing if at all I plan to continue. As somebody told me there today, "If everything goes well, this could be your big break". There was an interview which was pretty OK thanks to my gassing skills when it came to our final semester project.

It's a 9 to 6 job. 6 days a week. Yes, it has me cringing at the very thought but I guess that's life.

A look around the office made me see that the rest of the workers were the proverbial clown car. You can see this whole cocktail of characters.

  • the old timer who likes to dole out advice free of cost
  • the nervous guy who keeps talking to himself
  • the very confident engineer whom everyone goes to in times of trouble
  • the very nerdy suck up who pretty much sniffs the boss's butt
  • the funny guy who thinks he's funnier than he really is
  • the boss who seems to be in control but secretly wishes he weren't
  • the new guy who thinks he's ready to work but really is just a scared little sissy. That's me by the way.

Anyhoo, I still have to see how it's going to go. Until then, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Watched Ice Age: Meltdown (Funny in parts thanks mainly to a song "Food, glorious food" and Sid)

Reading Mediocre but Arrogant by Anurag Bhaduri (a lot like five point someone except the setting is a business school.)

PS- Nobody seems to know how to pronounce my name. The keep calling me Pooh-nus. What the hell!


5 Responses to “day 1-no paranoia …yet”

  1. hey …. pooh——————nus…. dude … can u get a scaled model of a f 22 raptor … wen u go to US…
    All the best dude …

  2. 2 Joel

    Great to know that you are working!!if possible do post photos of the company!!!or atleast have a link in your page!!

  3. 3 Ben

    hey buddy i want you to put all the details on your blog. N if you fail to update it i ma have to fly all the way to q8 and bust a cap in your a$$. Glad to see your finally ‘making it’ in the world eh? Welcome to the ‘9-5’…in ur case ‘9-6’?? lol.. peace!

  4. Joel, I doubt I can post pics or anything. I just joined man…and there aren’t any F-16s or Raptors lying around the place.Heh.

    Bently, 9-6 is a little too much man….sigh….what do I have to complain for right?


  5. hey
    must be funyy watching urself on screen .. i mean SID ..


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