work, hush and stuff


I know it's way too soon, but work seems to be pretty cool. It's very very hard mind you but there is a sense of satisfaction when you actually get to apply something you learned in college. But hey, it's only been 3 days! I'm wondering when the frustration is going to kick in. Sometimes I think I should've atleast taken a 1 month break after college. It's scary to think that I'll never get free time again.

I'm currently involved in the design phase of a VSAT hub and since it's just in the initial stage, I have to double also at Networking and Marketing. The team should grow in a few months which will hopefully lighten the load. I sense a very similar pattern in the relationship between me and my mentor. Almost like Dr Cox and JD.

Working hours are a bit tiring but the truth is you cannot stop thinking about work even when you get home. I'm afraid I'll get stuck in monotony or something so I'm trying my best to do other stuff too.

Thanks to Swen for giving me that site It's a treasure trove of comics. I'm done downloading half of the Hush series (Suraj, take note :-)). It's a pretty neat Batman story arc even if some of the lines seem very out of place. The artwork is simply amazing (Jim Lee's done something on Superman For Tomorrow too. That's on my to-download list) and pretty much everybody from Arkham makes an appearance.

I'm also back up on caffeine. I need to have atleast 3 cups of joe at work and the rest at home. Funny that everybody else around here prefers tea.

Listening to Warning by Greenday



2 Responses to “work, hush and stuff”

  1. 1 Kranium

    “Trust me, you wouldnt want to be where I am now…its just work, sleep, work.” – Ontheverge

    Now lemme bring you upto speed kid..what the hell do you think the whole of last year? The same drag work,sleep,work. Its just now that my band has decided to kick it into high gear. Now there comes the other problem. i wont be able to make it to all of the shows because of work. I so wish i didnt have to work and go around with the band.

    Anyhoo i thought your place was rocking! not so? y? not enough people in your own frequency?? take care and god bless!

  2. 2 Ben

    Hey man i need your help..we’re thinking of conduction AD-ZAP ( you knw that right)..just kidding..anyhoo need some good products to sell.. talk to me soon..this is URGENT!

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