so much for the weekend!


I just finished that book Mediocre But Arrogant by Abhijit Bhaduri and I have to say that I was blown away. It is nowhere near a seminal piece of writing but it was a searingly honest look at what college life (here, in a prestigios business school) is like. The second half was vastly better in terms of wrting but it's the characters that really kept me interested. It was almost like reliving college again (maybe, that's why I liked it so much) with all those stupid conversations, the jokes, the exams and everything else that meant more than it should have during the past 4 years. If you liked Five Point Someone, then you'll like this one too even though this is very different and does manage to squeeze in a couple of life  lessons here and there (Nihil Ultra- Nothing Is Beyond!).

I also managed to watch Munich last night. It was far too long but the story of a covert Israeli crackdown on the masterminds of the 1972 Munich assasinations, The Black September was a very neat movie nonetheless. Why Spielberg called it his Prayer for Peace, I may never understand but I thought it was directed very well and a couple of scenes very very good (especially, the first assasination and the scene in the safe house) but at the end, it just felt like another movie.

Yes, I know I need to get a life!

Back to work tomorrow. The funny thing about team meetings at work is that words like "bifurcate" and "mitigate" get thrown around pretty often and mostly out of context.



One Response to “so much for the weekend!”

  1. 1 Kranium

    i need to get me some books to read. The last interesting book that i read was The Davinci.
    Now on the topic of long as your beard keeps coming back, the hair on your head will come back too. So dont worry bout it. Just go ahead and shave it all off. It feels really good!!

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