back home…again


After a series of unforseen (and forseen) events, I'm back home. Hopefully will jump onto the software bandwagon (like the rest of the country) in a month. Till then, will probably be running aroun aimless, watching TV and wasting away internet bandwidth, thereby making Mr. Mukesh Ambani (have an account at Reliance Webworld you see) a much richer person and in turn contributing to the GDP of the country.

There used to be a time when the news used to be the most boring thing on TV, used to be the time I took a bath in between those other TV programs. But now, the countless news channels seem to be the most interesting of all channels. I admit, news has become more sensational with more channels trying to uncover scandals undercover, but it seems to have succeeded in bringing the average TV viewer to actually give a damn about the world around. Agreed, it may also have to do with the numerous attractive anchors, but still. The funniest part though has to be the inclusion of background music to some of the "hot" stories. Seems, news has truly dumbed itself down…thankfully for us.

Watched American Beauty last night. Truly one of the greatest films on dysfunctional families as well as the fragility of life. Sigh. Good stuff.

Listening to Idaho by Train

Reading The Long Reveries of Partha Sharma by C. Sriram


4 Responses to “back home…again”

  1. Kool … Finally u’ve decided … 🙂

    Home = India/kerela ???

  2. 2 ben


  3. I kinda disagree with you here. News has just become more sleazy. It has become a proud proclaimer of “scandals” and “stupidity”. maybe I am wrong, but I still remember the days when I actually used to enjoy the news channels.

    I agree news anchors have become better, younger and more articulate. However, these days’s front stories and top stories are just too inconsequential, and to a certain degree propagating disillusionment.

    I would still rather proudly watch the success of India, than about the boy of a prime dead politician, who’s on cocaine. Don’t read me wrong. I want such news to be pervaded. However, NOT at the cost of this great country losing out on its well deserved glory!!

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