why do we pay our taxes?


A conversation with a friend (modified for effect),

"So you're paying 100 bucks to apply for a PAN card?"

"Well, yeah."

"So, you're paying the government 100 bucks so they can collect taxes from you???"

"Um, yeah."


Where do our taxes really go?

There was this news on CNN IBN recently wherein 26 MPs from Bihar went on strike because they wanted new vehicles. Apparently they weren't happy with the Ambassadors (which get upgraded every 3 years mind you) they had. So the government sanctioned each MP to get 2 vehicles. A Tata Indigo and a Scorpio, both not small cars in any way. This move emptied the government coffers by approximately 9 crores! No mean feat there.

Sometimes it's depressing watching the news. The Reservation Debate. The Gujrat government banning some movie because Amir Khan actually came out and gave an opinion (however ill informed it may have been). What's wrong with this country?? To think, the people actually elect the numbskulls who run the country!!!

On a lighter note,  managed to flood the kitchen (2 times) last night thanks to a leaky washing machine. Took hours to clean the mess up!


Listening to The Freshman by The Verve Pipe


2 Responses to “why do we pay our taxes?”

  1. 1 Ben

    Floode the kitchen eh? This is why they leave all that kind of work to the women. Didnt any one tell you that they are the best for that job? Not men!!!

  2. Hey hey hey… Men can be great washers of cloth as well ;-)! Anyhoo, the conversation was “hilarious” :-)!!

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