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Joining formalities. Who knew it would take a whole damn day! Sure it was at The Viceroy and the lunch was grand but how the hell can any sane man remain sane when he is forced to sit like a school student for over 9 hours! Apart from making inconsequential polite conversations, here’s what I […]

Hyderbad Central I've been in Hyderbad for just over a day and so far I think I'm in love with the city! It's amazingly huge and surprisingly clean. The only downside is that there are more than a fair share of eunuchs that roam the streets and let's just say I'm not too cool with […]

new beginnings


So here I am, 2 months after college and finally about to make an entry into the "real world". Wonder how the next few years are going to be like. A big part of me is just raring to go but there is this little part of me that is trying vehemently to resist change! Anyhoo, […]

V for Vendetta


  "The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta, held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous." V for Vendetta is hands down the best film I've seen in a long time. Being a very huge fan of stories depicting a […]

Taking stock of your life. What the hell does that really mean? Man, I hate growing up so damn much…I'm not worried about growing old and dying per se. It's this whole paasage of time that makes me realise that every minute slips by so fast and with each passing second, my chances of making […]

I haven’t finished Freakonomics yet, but so far, I simply love it! It’s an outrageously exciting new way of looking at things and the author Levitt is simply amazing! Statistics has never been so much fun! Seriously out of the box thinking! Too many exclamations huh? Most of the questions posed are very original and […]