me? indecisive?


Benjamin Kunkel's book Indecision for the most part left me utterly lost. The idea was extremely intriguing, treating indecision as a disease. But all those marijuana induced ramblings pretty much went over my head. But still it has me thinking…have I ever made decision of which I was really sure of?

I look back to all those seemingly important decisions I've made over the years. Were they really "decided"? Sometimes they were just things I did on impulse. Truth is I don't regret any of the important decisions I've made so I'm guessing I'm ok.

However indecision is something I constantly suffer from. For example, I have a choice of either going to Cochin or Coimbatore tomorrow. After pouring over the pros and cons of both, I've decided on Cochin. Or…wait…is it Coimbatore? Aaaaargh!

It's not just that, there are countless situations where I've never been able to make up my mind. So I do the next best thing. Rely on probability. Coin Tossing. Probability never fails…or atleast the probability of failure of probability is low. huh?

 Anyhoo, saw Xmen:The Last Stand last night. What a huge huge disappointment! They just put in a lot of characters to keep the fans happy but in the meantime resorting to lame ass dialogues ("I'm Juggernaut, bitch!"). Special effects were amazing though and as usual Wolverine rocked! I may actually catch "The Da Vinci Code " tomorrow unless somebody plans on walking over my fundamental rights!

My next read


I'm on a roll!


 PS Refer the comments on my previous post Predictably Unpredictable for a very interesting analysis by Guru Panguji.


7 Responses to “me? indecisive?”

  1. Hmmm… Funny post! :-D!

    But, consider it from Malcolm Gladwell’s perspective. You are at the highest peak of thinking. :-D!

    I can kinda relate with ya here, well something along the similar lines. Especially with indecisions and the irritating retrospection it brings along :-D!

    Being a staunch optimist, I would attribute your indecisions to “Just-in-time” thinking :-D! I always considered it bad. I was sad at times, when I realised that I rarely brought myself to think and react. Spinal reactions, were well, err.. ingrained in my spine :-D!

    …Add to that list of rants, the latest – watch what you say, and think before speaking. I mean, that is tough man. I tried hard for 4 weeks and am ready to give up right about now. I cannot THINK before I speak. It’s like a spinal reaction to me. I just blab!! I personally think that it’s something like a mental block. Ar[name hidden] thinks otherwise tho. He thinks that it’s a good thing that I do not think when it comes to speaking. He thinks that it’s an innate ability. At the same time, he’s one of the guys who actually thinks and speaks!

    I love the way those guys speak. It’s slow and thoughtful. It carries a lotta conviction along with the same and maybe D might classify that as mature….
    [source: Ab tho aadat see hai muchko aise jeene main

    Then I read Blink! I realised that my thought process wasn’t bad at all. I do use my brain [I am an optimist after all 😉 ] It’s just that I use when necessary. Most of my “spinal reactions” that I named ’em are but because I am highly ingrained to the whole thought process and I can do it, completely justified. Yes, firing so fast, I could aim bad and sometimes even completely go off course. But, still considering “probability”, 90/100 ain’t all that bad!

    Oh and btw, have heard that Freakonomics is an awesome read. Have to get it from my pal and read it :-D! Anyway, thou have convinced me to read Indecision :-D! Esp, if it has grass induced ramblings *snicker*!!

  2. wow … wat a coincidence .. i saw x3 yesterday night … 🙂

  3. @ Guru: I've read Blink too, but somehow it seemed a little too weird for me. Freakonomics has a blurb on the cover by Gladwell. Should be a great read.

    Indecision is…very…visceral. But I think you may actually like a book called The Long Reverie of Partha Sarma by C Sriram. It's easier to relate to and tackles a few dillemas faced by many of todays urban youth or whatever you may want to call it.

    Oh yea…I've mentioned that I'd leave for cochin, but I'm preparing to leave for coimbatore in an hour. Beat that!!! Now that my friend is indecision!

    dude, it's not just grass. they get high on alot of stuff and believe me I had to go through those pages twice. It's like a David Lynch movie…on acid.

    @Johnny: Hey dude…howd you like the movie? That scene where wolverine kicks a mutant in the crotch and says "Grow those back" was hilarious!

  4. I badly wanna watch the movie. From the staunch X men fanatics [people who still follow the comics], I heard that the movie was crap. They just think that in the movie a lotta characters are introduced. A lotta story is unfolded, but things haven’t been exactly correct or explained in the proper way….

    From the not-so-staunch fans, I heard that the movie was great. It was a breath of fresh air to watch some more mutant freaks. There actually was some story in the whole movie. There was enough action and special effects to keep people’s adrenaline pumping.

    As far as girls’ reviews are considered, “Wolverine is hot” about sums it up!! ;-)!

    Now, I have to read two books. ;-)! If I get the time…. :-D!!

  5. Btw, anything less than 22 is now getting on to my nerves… And I am talking about age. ;-)! I turned 22 16 days ago and I already am kinda sad about it… Although it was a momentous point in my life, Turning 22 on the 22nd of the month :-(!!

  6. Oh… and delete the previous comment… That was just my mind feeling sad and lost for a moment :-D!!

  7. @Guru Hah! I’ll turn 22 this month and I’m mortified! When I turned 18…I always thought that I’d remain 18 till I die! But then…here I am 4 years later. Growing up sucks!

    BTW I’m a huge comic freak and trust me compared to the previous movies, this one was a total dissapointment. Too many mutants and too short a movie. But what the hell! Superman Returns this June 28. Look up in the sky then! 🙂

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