road trip? anybody?


My family (minus me) is on a whirlwind trip to Italy and France which I suspect has something/everythng to do with a certain book called Da Vinci Code. It has me thinking about how some english teacher by the name of Dan Brown from across the Atlantic had an effect on a middle class NRI family in India.

Anyhoo, I need a getaway of some sort too. Like a long drive. Like those road trip movies…and I need to do it alone. Whilst at it, I could put on a CD with an awesome compilation that includes the likes of Bonnie Sommerville, Tom Petty, Nick Drake, The Shins and Remy Zero. Aaaah…sounds too good doesn't it? I mean, think about it….just you and the road and some of the best music on the planet.

Now all I need is a car…and oh yeah…I need to learn to drive too!


PS- Watched MI3 again and I thought it was a really good action flick with a very intriguing scene at the Vatican. Great escapist fare!


6 Responses to “road trip? anybody?”

  1. 1 Ben

    Well well well..trip to Italy and France..How come you did go? Weren’t invited? And your road-trip plan …mmm.. lets see how far thats gonna happen once you start working.
    And i watched MI III too ..again that is..but somehow the fellas i was watching it with werent too happy bout the movie. They were like “Vasular id???” (when they try to trace her at the warehouse) How is that possible?’ Imaginfe hearing that all throughout the movie. Anyways i liked it.
    Take care

  2. 2 jewel

    Wait – your family was inspired to take a TRIP because of the Da Vinci code?

    What a cool family.

  3. Road trip … wen dude ? … count me in … i can do the driving .. and swen can bring his merc 😉

  4. Errr… What the?? Inspired by the stupid movie to go to Italy and France. Yeah have to do that once I get to Germany!! :-D!! Here I come Italy and France and Sweden!!

  5. Hmmm, also try out Pearl Jam for the road. It’s swell :-D!

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