what i’m reading


I haven’t finished Freakonomics yet, but so far, I simply love it! It’s an outrageously exciting new way of looking at things and the author Levitt is simply amazing! Statistics has never been so much fun! Seriously out of the box thinking! Too many exclamations huh?

Most of the questions posed are very original and the answers even more so.

How are the KKK similar to real estate agents?

What’s common between teachers and sumo wrestlers?

If drug dealers make so much money, why do they still live with their moms?

My next read:

The best thing about these last couple of months is that I’ve read some really good books. With my date of joining inching ever so close, wonder if I’ll get to read so much again!Sigh!

Listening to Wordplay by Jason Mraz

Edit: I know I’ve raved enough about this book but trust me it’s that good! The Long Reverie of Partha Sarma.


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