taking stock of life


Taking stock of your life. What the hell does that really mean?

Man, I hate growing up so damn much…I'm not worried about growing old and dying per se. It's this whole paasage of time that makes me realise that every minute slips by so fast and with each passing second, my chances of making a difference dwindle. I know this is just a phase and I'll get over it soon but I still can't help brooding over the oppurtunities I missed. Maybe that's life, a series of missed oppurtunities.

I'll leave for Hyderbad in less than a week and so begins another chapter in this very uneventful book! Honestly, if you asked me if I had a reason to get up tomorrow morning, I would probably say no. I need some meaning to all this. Aaaaaaaaaargh!!!

I'm hungry too!


Listening to Nothing Else Matters by Metallica (How appropriate!)


3 Responses to “taking stock of life”

  1. 1 Kranialfire

    No matter who you are, a successful businessman or a freaking miserable a$$hole, you’d always have to deal with the fact you have lost out on opportunities but the main thing that should drive you is to attain satisfaction(which is easier said than done..i realize that). And you may not be able to analyze the pros and cons of any of your decisions during the course of your life but you have to try and in the end if it fails you at least have the feeling that it was your decision and it wouldnt hurt so bad if it were anyother way.
    Well look at it this way youre better off feeling better in Hyd than what you wouldve been should you have been in q8.


  2. Dude, it happens! Trust me! These are just the initial phases of life, where you are expecting a lotta change. I hear ya! Completely :-)! It’s a classic case of “been-there-done-that” for me. Last year around the same time, I was going through the exact same apprehensions.

    All I can say, from my limited experience is that, CHILL! Learn to accept life for what it is! You’ll enjoy it a lot more. I can understand your need, the fire to make a change. Well, you will but don’t expect to make miracles at the beginning of your professional career. But at the same time, DO NOT miss opportunities to do so.

    Hyderabad is an awesome place. Before leaving for Germany, I am trying to get there and check it out! :-D! Hopefully catchya there ;-)! Till then blog on and take care buds!

    Good luck =)!

  3. @ Bently Hmm…oppurtunities. what i mean is that we’ll never get chances like we did in school or college and that scares me a bit. Sigh…yea hope for the best i guess!

    @Guru Yea i guess…I’ll just have to sit back and accept the absurdity of it all. Plus, I’ve kinda deided to make most of whateer comes my way.

    anyhoo, it’ll be great if you come to hyderbad…definetly meet up then

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