PS in the BIG city!


Hyderbad Central

I've been in Hyderbad for just over a day and so far I think I'm in love with the city! It's amazingly huge and surprisingly clean. The only downside is that there are more than a fair share of eunuchs that roam the streets and let's just say I'm not too cool with that. Else, Swen and me are having a pretty great time so far.

Had our medical today and I realised that…well…I just don't pee that well under pressure.



12 Responses to “PS in the BIG city!”

  1. 1 Daniel

    aliyo…enthada medical enganay undayirunnu?avaru nintay p***$ pidicho?hehehe…

  2. 2 Daniel

    anyways u have fun…enjoy….!!!

  3. hey dude tell when when you guys have settled down well in hydrebad and have a decent place to stay. I might come to freeload off ya. 🙂 he he

  4. @daniel nah medical was ok…far better than i thought.

    @bluesaze we’re still hunting for an apartment…staying with swens bro right now. will let you know when we’re all settled down 🙂

  5. 5 M

    Hey Pu…

    Happy Bday 1st of all..nice post. Take care n have fun.. I’m already working n it aint all tat gr8!!! I prefer bein a student again…Hmmm..come to think of it thats wat i am at the moment , studyin again.. holy crap..

    wats ur no?? Couldnt contact u so.. Happy B’day wishes from Nita,RenC n SOniya too..



  6. @thanks man…aah…i guess its the same for everyone huh?

  7. ‘Sup dude? Happy for ya. Life, I am sure must be amazingly awesome there. 🙂 Heard a lot about the city as well. So, how goes the “peeing process”? Hehe, Superman returns today is it? 😉

    gimme a review. I am off to TVM for the weekend. Hopefully should catch it there, but have a full itinerary planned up! So, lemme see :-D!!

    And all ze best dude for the training. :-), you just mite need it, if all the training stories that I have heard are any true.. :-P!!

  8. @guru gee..trainings a bitch…i heard too. we’ll see how that goes though. anyhoo, right now me taking the sights and sounds in.

    went apartment hunting today…who knew it was that hard!!!

    sigh superman did return…we booked for tickets at the IMAX…BUT…we’ve got a “pre module assesment” tomorrow. so i doubt we’ll see it this weekend. shit!


  9. too bad dawg… Me seeing it these this sat. Tickets already booked 🙂

  10. by the way stop wasting ur time drawing shit….:). Mixing up superman, Kallam and satyam dont make sense

  11. @bluesaze i know …sigh…i so wanted to see it. swens bro saw it and loved it! next week then.

    hey you coming to hyderbad ?

  12. I still haven’t seen Superman Returns 😦 But, life’s awesome otherwise dude. You take care and enjoy being in an MNC :-D!! It’s fun, the first part, and then it begins to take ur time slowly :-P!!! So, enjoy that training of urs ;-)!!

    I have officially booked my tickets for the 16th early morning to Nurumberg. So, I will be at the airport @ 10pm 15th morning! Off to Faterland from my motherland :-D!! For a year. So, take care man. I should be starting on a blog on the trip soon!! and all ze best in life!!

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