at sea with C


Ignore the lame attempt at trying out a pun in the title!

So trainings in full swing now and what surprises me the most (on day 1) is that I DON’T suck at C or C++ programming as much I previously thought. Infact, I’m pretty alright (on day 1, I repeat!).

Funny thing is all my life I’ve studied so many things, I’m really not sure what my true calling is. Took Biology in high school, opted for Electronics and Communication in college and now, dove headfirst into the software industry!Atleast at the end of all this, I’d have learnt a little bit of everything, atleast I hope so.

I just hope I don’t put aside all those dreams I’ve cherished for a long time when work gets hard…like that “screenplay” on the shelf. That’s what I hate about growing up…you constantly die little by little inside!

Anyhoo…just when I was starting to get used to the afternoon shift, they go ahead and change my timings to 5.45am to 3.30pm!

Coincidence: They played Everyone is Free( To wear sunscreen) at our “Transition Management Sesson”.

 Hope to catch Superman this weekend…so much for all the planning! 😦


Listening to Low by Cracker


2 Responses to “at sea with C”

  1. 1 year back…June 30th…first day of training…first row…Java class…head down…sleeping….thats me!!! Have nothing else to say 😀

  2. hehe…doing better now i hope!!

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