my musical journey…


It’s been sometime since I’ve listened to some good music. Had a chance to go through some tunes on a friend’s mp3 player on the way back from training. It has me thinking (oh no here he goes again!).

In some small way I guess our parents pass on their tastes to us. The earliest music I remember being hooked to were some of the cassettes my dad had. Early pop…the likes of Lionel Richie (“Hello” changed my life…when I was 6!), Police, Abba, Boney M(though I can’t stand their sound now). I even remember watching Michael Jackson’s Thriller when I was 5 or so! It’s amazing how much I remember about these seemingly unimportant things.

Soon, by the time I was 13, I was hooked to Backstreet Boys and Boyzone like every other kid on the block…embarassing I know. I cringe everytime I hear them now.

High school was like the Renaissance for me. I began to love the Eagles. The song, Last Resort is one of the only numbers I can listen to over and over again without getting bored. Then came ballads by MLTR and shortly before college, I got into Linkin Park mode. Teen angst if you may.

The first year of college was when I went heavy with the likes of Iron Maiden (though it was just that one album, Brave New World), Metallica, Marlyn Manson, Pink Floyd. I got out of that phase though I still love some of Metallica’s hits. Second year came and I went a lot softer with John Mayer and Dashboard Confessional (Listen to Vindicated and you’ll know why they’re still one of my favs). Matchbox 20, Jason Mraz, Blink 182 etc…followed.

The most recent phase had to do with the movie GardenState which introduced me to The Shins, Remy Zero, Frou Frou. Amazing stuff! Then came Joshua Radin, Tom Petty and Coldplay (listen to Don’t Panic).

If I had to think of my all time favourite tracks…off the top of my head I’d say…

Drops of Jupiter by Train

I’d do anything by Meatloaf (you read right!)

Free Falling by Tom Petty

Fair by Remy Zero

Wherever I may roam by Metallica

Someday, my kids are gonna go through all my CDs and I wonder what they’ll say then!


PS I have no idea why I just wrote all this!!!!


One Response to “my musical journey…”

  1. well my parents defenitly didnt affect my music tastes .. else i would have listened to Malu music a lot more.. and maybe even talked it a bit better. ..

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