Superman Returns : Review…finally!!!


“Humans lack the light to show the way. For this reason, I have sent them you, my only son.”

                           -Jor-El (Superman Returns)

A behemoth of a spectacle riddled with Christian allegories throughout! So is that good? You bet it is! Superman Returns is a film of enormous visual and emotional depth, a film truly for the times, albeit maybe for only some.

People have complained that Superman is too much of a flawless hero to relate to unlike the anger consumed Batman or even the angst ridden Spiderman. But in my opinion, Superman still continues to be one of the most well known characters in popular culture simply because he is someone people can look upto, a true hero. Fearless, honest and the all round boy scout (or in our case NCC Cadet). Perhaps the only comic book hero that parents wouldn’t mind their kids aping (unless ofcourse the kid decides to “fly”!).

The movie admits that it is more of a homage to the first two movies (ignore 3 and 4 totally please) and that it is…’cos there is a certain amount of cheesiness especially the over the top portrayal by Kevin Spacey and Parker Posey. Nonetheless entertaining. Brandon Routh owns the role…it’s scary how much he looks like Christopher Reeve. Kate Bosworth is fine but James Marsden (Cyclops from the X-Men) is given a very solid part that he plays to perfection. 

It does get a little emotional (Ladies and Gentlemen, Swen George CRIED during the movie!) but doesn’t seem heavy handed at all. CGI is top notch and is bound to leave you amazed! Watch out for the sequence when Metropolis gets affected by the quake. The plot may seem a bit “out there” but hey, source material here isn’t Shakespere! I even liked the sub plot with the questionable paternity of Lois Lane’s son.

My only complaint here is that Kal Penn, the Indian actor was given a totally crappy role. A henchman who doesn’t even get a respectable death!

On the whole 8.5…the Return was worth the wait! A great way to bring back the iconic superhero…

Next week: Superman Returns:The IMAX experence!!!



4 Responses to “Superman Returns : Review…finally!!!”

  1. 1 Ben

    SWEN CRIED???? AWWW MAN!!!!!1

  2. i couldnt believe it either…he acually took out his hanky and wiped his tears!

  3. 3 Sooraj

    ha ha ha swen cried

  4. Yo anyone see superman returns? I loved that movie and i cant wait to pick up the dvd and game for xbox 360….i heard theres a code in the dvd that lets you play as bizzaro in the game, that should be pretty tight. Im lookin forward to gettin it at the end of the month.

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