my reveries


“Each image in a dream evokes uninhibited emotion, be it joy or fear; there is absolute belief. What amazes is the juxtaposition of the strikingly dissimilar: for in thought, linear sequence implies causation. At times, latter events in the dream find unqualified validation in the former. At other times, preceding events are entirely forgotten and the moment reigns absolutely. We wake from dreams of love saddenned that their anarchy isn’t real; we force ourselves awake from nightmares and give thanks for the occasional reason in reality.”

                       – C Sriram (The Long Reverie of Partha Sarma)

Thanks to training being so damn hectic, I rarely have dreams at night but I manage to catch a few moments of shut eye in class during the breaks (7.30-8.00 am and 12.30-1.30pm) and sometimes even during class. My dreams have become much more irrational and at the same time uncannily real (like). I’ve made it a point to write them down…lest they be lost to the world forever! Here’s a sample.

I drift along a place that looks strikingly similar to an airport lounge. I walk towards the immigration desk and on my way see a number of smiling faces including those of long lost friends, teachers and relatives I haven’t seen for a very long time (one of them incidently being a cousin from Hyderbad I still haven’t called up). Suddenly feeling very conscious, I look away only to see my brother “slide” by saying, “She’s here”. I look forward again and see a girl with her back towards me. Long hair. I hear my name being called out repeatedly. “Wake up, sir’s here.”

Chikun Gunya. It’s on everybody’s lips around here. It’s a viral disease of some sort that is bound to leave the victim bed ridden for atleast a week. The weirdest bit is that the only preventive measure everybody knows is a set of homoeopathy pills. I don’t really believe in alternative medicine. So should I stick by my ideals or should I stay safer than sorry? Bloody agnostic!

Tomorrow: SR…again…at the IMAX!

 Listening to Free Loop by Daniel Powter


2 Responses to “my reveries”

  1. 1 Ben

    well at least you aint having nightmares!!

  2. @Ben are you?

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