take comfort


Take comfort where you find it
Whatever gets you through
Take comfort don’t be blind to it
You must do what’s right for you

Every one at times must run for cover
Don’t you know you really can’t be blamed
For in this you’re just like any other
There’s no need, no need to feel ashamed

Take comfort where you see it
Whatever makes it right
Take comfort when you need it
To help you through the night

By the way we live in our confusion
And the way that we misspend our youth
By the time we’re stripped of our illusions
We may find illusions are the truth

Note: Don’t even ask why I posted this. I always considered myself to NOT be the touchy-feely kind of guy. This song (Take Comfort by Bread) just contradicted that didn’t it?

Anybody who’s ever read this blog knows that I fell in love with this book called The Long Reverie of Partha Sarma. So imagine the surprise when none other than the author C. Sriram commented on the post I wrote some time back. I’m a sucker for these kinda things. Check it out here.(https://ontheverge.wordpress.com/2006/05/26/busy/#comment-121)



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