Canon ZR500



If anybody out there wants to make me shriek like an excitable little boy, get me this!!!!

I’m already working on the documentary I’m gonna shoot with this baby! If only things were that easy…sigh!


14 Responses to “Canon ZR500”

  1. 1 Jose

    Hey.. i can get u that baby, provided u make me the “hero” of your movie ..who beats up all the bad guys.

  2. Me too…Jose and i will dutch and get it for you…if you make me the damsel in distress who gets rescued from by the goons…hmmm…come to think of it…can i have my own action scenes…can i be a super-hero?? Now,all tht cant make up a documentary,or can it?? :-/

  3. ah well…um…documentary with hero and the damsel in distress. interesttttiiiinng! i shall think about it…if the both of you are super serious about getting me the cam!

    btw…since you guys are going dutch on it…try and make it the ZR 600!

  4. hey jose…hope works great man…send pics or something!

  5. 5 Bentley

    i’ll get you one if you let me be the star of a ‘Garden State’ type movie. Maybe your future documentaries/short filims could be involving a super hero and dont care…as long as its a Garden State themed movie with ME obviously as the main guy i’ll think about getting you one!!!!

  6. @ Bentley Garden state type movie? hehe…’numb’ these days arent we???

  7. 7 Jose

    works great man 🙂 don’t have much snaps to upload now.I’ll let u knw once i’ve enuff of em to share.

  8. I will get u the cam if you just lemme star in the movie. Nobody else. It will be all about me writing sumin! The emotions, the thought process all caught on celluloid [or will it be magnet this case?]

    What’s the tech specs of the baby? Too lazy to search it out on Google man!! :-D!

  9. @guru…deal! i was thinking of something that unconventional!

    hmm…cam is just entry level. heard the low light shots arent that great …but this is the only DV cam that looks affordable!

  10. 10 Swen

    hmm ..i guess you let mebe the star without buying the cam ..after all i have been pretending to be ur friend for 4 years. I should be getting something for that ..

  11. Well, I’ll make an offer you can’t refuse [in the Godfather accent]! Well you get a mention in the movie Swen, Capice? If no deal, you can talk to the 10incher sticking outta my pants [no pun unintentionally intended] :P!

    Just kidding man!! But thought that would make one hell of a dialogue :P!

  12. everybody’s just cracking me up around here!

  13. 13 Swen

    This is the part where i usually comeup with some original B-grade movie dialogue …. … ..

    damn it aint working – i LOST my thang ..

  14. 14 Swen

    oops i just realised how weird that sounds ….

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