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 I’ve been here in Hyderabad for exactly a month now and I’ve been thinking of “reviewing” the city but decided against it because…well…I’m just too darn lazy!

Make no mistake, I LOVE the city. It’s huge, clean, affordable, hip and truly amazing! But there are things that have left me totally dumbfounded as well.

Yes, yes, yes, traffic is a problem everywhere including Bangalore,but since you have bumper to bumper traffic there, a guy can actually cross the road. Try crossing the road here in less than 10 minutes and call me up…I’ll pay you (it took me 35 minutes the day before).  Every single day, I almost become road kill. Just yesterday, this van missed me by an inch (or did I miss the van? think about it!) and I got a lot of stares and disturbingly, a few chuckles! I do believe that life is absurd and trust me, all those theories on existentialism or the absurdity of human existense is not gonna stop you from cringing when you come close to facing your mortality!

People don’t give two *you-know-what* about traffic rules around here. Traffic lights are merely decorative fixtures here and traffic policemen are mostly manequins sporting uniforms! It’s impossible to find any vehicle, be it a cycle or a BMW that doesn’t have a dent here! Aaaargh! My decision to stay off the road has become stronger.

The few places in Hyderabad I’ve been to are pretty amazing especially the IMAX…Superman Returns on the IMAX was simply one of the coolest visual experiences I’ve had (Naysayers, stay away! I’m tired of backing the “man in tights” always). I’m yet to find a good coffee place though. Hussein Sagar Lake and the Buddha Statue were pretty cool too (from a distance that is). 

Yesterday, a friend of mine introduced me to the YMCA’s K-Circle (Quiz Club)…3 hours of awesome quizzing! Loved it! Made me feel like an idiot throughout though.

Training is a drag but I’m not finding it that uncomfortable or anything…I guess I can manage (3 months. hoooboy!).



3 Responses to “live…from hyderabad”

  1. True said about the hyderabad traffic;god its
    pretty difficult to cross roads;but yes there is relief from one ways; the number of one ways in bangalore can put states and countries to shame;leave alone cities;by the way if you do not have someone real close i donot know how one can spend time leisurely ; there is no MS Road;isnt it;if you discover something really cool to do in hyderabad let me know

  2. Hmm…true but I have been in Hyd for over 5-6 months now and I haven’t really gotten bored; sure it helps if you have friends nearby.

    Check the papers…theres something in Hyderabad every week….for eg friends of mine went to Hamlet : The Spoof, a stage play and said it was amazing.

    There are countless art exhibitions and even more concerts.

    Of course, if you’re one of those people with short attention spans, malls (Central, Lifestyle, SS, Prasads IMAX) are the place for you! 🙂

  3. 3 Nauke

    Never compare Hyderabad with Bangalore or any other city. It stands supreme, for it is worshipped for its indiscipline traffic, which resembles like a bull in a china shop.

    This beautiful city is becoming more beautiful for its many treasures like open pissing ion the roads, perennial road digging, leaving manholes wide open, classic pan spewing and spitting, all of which have brought it glory and fame as a city which thrives in chaos everywhere. There is no rule of law on the roads, people drive as if they are driving in formula 1 rally. Every damn asshole wants to zoom ahead and reach his destination first. After all firsts in class is a pride moment, isn’t it? Chaps walk on the road as if they own it. They care a damn and think that they rule the roads. There is no 1 or 2 way, all ways lead to no way. Chaps zoom and weave in and out as if is some stunt show behind closed doors

    Some of the chaps are real ultra-cool and behave as if they are mirror images of the great cricket legend Sir Vivian Richards. Viv in his heydays used to walk in a regal style to the crease and used to browbeat the opposition to say – I am the king, which he was, an undisputed one – the one and only. But are our jaywalking and pissing chaps in that class?

    Digging of roads has become a pastime. Wherever u go u find some digging work on. The show never ends, it goes on through the year, decade, century and so on. Half dug up roads and footpaths picturise the halo of this beautiful city. Shoddy work and no one bothers. The half patchwork is plastered after decades and that too shoddily, so that it can be done again and the hard earned public money looted again

    Yeah! Hyd is having several snazzy sights like Imax, NTR Park, vagera, vagera, vagera. But pals, u can find there some chaps or the other peeing in a majestic style with the pee fountain in full rhythmic glory. The pee water sparkle against the background of searing glam lights. Also, take a walk across to lifestyle mall or country club entrance at Begumpet, u can find lovely modern pee halls (open nature ones) and can see chaps peeing in royal style in a trance unmindful of glam gals and others passing by. For them it is a show of our mard, our manhood, it is a question of pride to be seen pissing openly. They feel proud of such a memorable feat. U will enjoy it, it is a spectacular sight

    TEE HEE HEE, our heroes are making our nation proud. Perhaps they can be sent to Olympics or Asian games now on at Doha. If there is a world cup for peeing, our noble chaps will hands down. Who can challenge them?

    Hyderabad is zooming ahead to become ever beautiful, always beautiful. The city of pearls is shining……………………….what do u say , pals? Am I right?

    three chers to our beautiful city HYDERABAD

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