lessons from the dance floor…


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Yes, Im not very good at social situations. That includes everything from marriages/funerals to parties. To prove some of my critics wrong (who claim I’m too much of a wussy), I decided to attend (I’m putting this as formally as I can!) a disco organised at work and boy oh boy did I learn a lot!

  • Do not promise any friend no matter how good/pretty he/she is that you’ll attend a disco.
  • Do not believe anybody when they say “Anybody can dance! Just let yoursef be free”, because it’s a bloody lie!!!
  • I dance like a girl.
  • Just because one dances well in the shower does not mean it works equally well in the midst of  a 1000 odd people.
  • No matter how dark it is on the dance flor, you cannot hide for long. Eventually people are going to pull you in and trust me, it isn’t pretty.
  • Try not to go to a disco with a full stomach. It is a tad bit uncomfortable.
  • Never underestimate your “quiet” friends. You’ll be amazed at the nonchalant abandon with which they dance!
  • Trying to make a conversation on the dance floor isn’t wise.
  • I can’t can’t can’t dance to save my life!!!!!

Just finished Mostly Harmless by Douglas Adams. He was definetly one of the funniest people ever! The book begins in the most nonsensical fashion and the twists are just plain silly (I mean it as a compliment) but in the end everything falls into place like a beutiful puzzle. Great stuff! I think this one’s my favourite from the Hitchhiker series.

Listening to Closer by Joshua Radin

photographs and brightly colored paper
are your mask you wear in this caper
that is our life
we walk right into the strife
and a tear from your eye brings me home


PS The above two grainy shots are the only ones I could get with my SLVR L7


26 Responses to “lessons from the dance floor…”

  1. 1 Swen

    thanx for sharing ur lessons learnt … now where is that piece of paper and a pen ..

  2. @ Swen aah…bugger off man!

  3. ROFLMAO!! Now that’s indeed funny. Hmm, I could have given you a few tips man, not that I am John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever, but then there’s no end to dreaming now is there ;-)!

  4. Believe me when i say that anybody can dance..ANYBODY…the trick is to “pretend” that you actually know what you are doing…dont let anyone else smell your fear of the dance floor…and they’ll think that your dance moves are the coolest… 😀

  5. 5 Ben

    @Punns: Nice lessons. Too bad you had to learn it the hard way though.

    Whats the name of the good looking he/she you promised to man?

    @swen: didnt you learn anything? (besides that you suck at dancing)


  6. LOL I should have been there, dude you need to learn from the movie “Hitch” where Qill smith teachs the fat guy to dance. just keep nodding you head to the beat thats about it.

  7. that was supposed to be Will not qill …..

  8. Btw… I agree with Ms Imperfect. The coolness factor in your dance moves is totally dependent on your confidence. I mean me and my bum chums, who can’t really dance to save anyone’s life are like this rad quadro in the dance floor ;-)!

    We can make moves like bicycling up a hill, chicken dance, dosa making, pointing in various directions and of course, the butt dance, which me and Sid invented the day I left :-D!!

    It’s just getting into the groove and let your body and mind floowww.. I know sounds like Hip Hop matrix :-D!!

  9. @ Guru I tried everything man…all I came up with was a stupid little wiggle and most of the time I was trying to hide from people I knew! I did try the butt dance. A bit of a turn off dont ya think??? 😉

    @ Ms Imperfect How long can one pretend? I tried it and …well…I guess I’m too damn self conscious!

    @ Ben The good looking he/she was SWEN!!! 🙂

    @Bluesaze You know what? Suraj had taught me that move long time back and I had perfected it. Picture this: Me looking down, emotionless…moving my head and doing that side stepping routine while snapping my fingers!!! CORNY!!! aaaaaargh!

  10. 10 Ben

    @Bluesaze: Do you know what made the fat guy ‘cool’?? Not the nodding of the head to the beat but the ‘freak moves’ he displayed. See the ending of the movie again(explanation scene on the boat)

    @MsImperfect: I tried your advice once.. Could go on for liek 30 seconds before they were onto me.

    @Punns: Shocker!!!!

  11. @ben dude I was talkin abt looking cool not lookin weird. But by the way you got a point there. Hey punnen next time put on a disguise and try some funky moves who knows some chick might get intrested.

  12. @punnen: Dude, depends what you go out there on the dance floor for… ;-)!! If it’s to impress the chicks, and you aren’t good looking or not that great a dancer, then check if the chick enjoys good humor, then you can come up and create awesome dance sequences, which will get the crowd involved as well… Believe me it works, well at the very least the crowd joins!

    But then there are some chicks who don’t enjoy good humor or don’t like your looks, then ur efforts just go in vain… YOUCH – now that brought some old memories, which I’d conveniently like to forget :-P!!

  13. Everybodys’ just depressing me!

    looks and dance skills are not my USPs anyway! so might as well work on the humor now! sigh!

  14. 14 Ben

    @punns: Just laying out the facts bro..just laying out the facts!!!!

  15. dude..to learn how to dance..just bottom a few mugs of beer…get your friends together..and start off!!! there’s nuthin like it dude!!! wherever u r…be it the pub..at home..or at office…nuthin will STOP ya! assured advice from a guy who hasnt gone to a dance class and will in all probablity never take one too – it workzzzzz.

  16. @stan…….. Good advice stan ROFL punnen try it next time gulp down a few pegs of wiskey.

  17. Stan is right…the drinking and dancing is an alternative to the pretending and failing!! 😛

  18. 18 Ben

    @stan : Nice advice but some people(mm..err) find it hard to stop after a few mouths full and end up lying on the dance floor instead of making the moves!!

    @Punns: go ahead man..a few swigs. I swear you couldnt get past 1 swig.

    @bluesaze: im gonna refrain from commenting!!!!!!LOL!!

  19. Thankyou all! (*bows*)

    I have to start drinking beer to find out if all this works!!!!

  20. 20 Deepti

    Hey Mister.. Pretty interesting site that u have here.And hydra “Anybody can dance”?! Well ..Will send u the video clip where gurupangs is doin the boogie woogie at the office party 😉

    Watsay Pangs? 🙂

  21. Osho…i’ve seen the vdo… 😛
    And i think pangu aint that bad!!
    U shud see me dance sumday!! 😀

  22. @ Deepti…Did he put it up on Google Video once? think I saw that. you really should see me dance. cringe inducing stuff!

    btw thanks for the compliment! 🙂

    @Ms Imperfect: My my…protective arent we?? 🙂

  23. 23 Ms.Imperfect

    Well … *blush blush*

  24. 24 chaitu

    HI Dudes,
    New to HYD. Any helping hand to reach me the right pub(s) to hang out at saturday night.
    I apprecite ur quick response………

    N8 Devils…

  25. Bottles and Chimneys at Begumpet, opposite to the airport. The only one I remember.

    Then there are more once you go straight from there…all the best!

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