Interesting week. Monotonous, but interesting.

  • Reading Shantaram…an awesome awesome book. Will review it once I’m done.
  • Have been “taught” at work that if one gets an oppurtunity at an onsite location abroad, he/she HAS to use toilet paper, cannot hang clothes out to dry and cannot wet (with water, perverts!) the bathroom floor ,else risk being sued!!
  • Unwittingly managed to hurt a very very good friend. Repercussions presently unknown.
  • Saw Omkara…regained faith in Indian cinema.
  • Got angry at a colleague for making polite conversation in the loo. (For God’s sake, do what you came to do and leave! Why talk!!??)
  • Learned to love something that I’d always thought I’d hate.
  • Realised that the only language that works around here is “MONEY”.
  • Found out to my horror that I’ve spent 8052 days on the planet! (That’s as creative as I can get with Oracle SQL *PLUS.)

Listening to Harder to breathe by Maroon 5



21 Responses to “8052”

  1. Ah yet another week eh!! Well still another 3 more hours, till this week comes to a close. ;-)!

  2. Btw, I am abroad. In office, you don’t have any other options other than toilet paper. And I’d suggest not to get creative as far as the cleaning up process goes ;-)!

    Got angry at a colleague for making polite conversation in the loo. (For God’s sake, do what you came to do and leave! Why talk!!??)


  3. @Guru I’m not THAT creative! Atleast I hope not.

    Seriously don’t tell me you’re one of those guys who comes to the urinal,looks over to the guy standing next to him, smiles and says “Hey, how’s it going?”

  4. Picture that, and I am ROTFLMAOI “How’s it going?” Hahahaha!!

    Naah, not like that, but then, you could have come up with something like this
    – “Not bad, however, the flow is not all that great”
    – “Swirls, swerves, skids, in”
    – “Err……”
    – “Awesome, aim is still perfect. Thanks for asking! What about you?”
    – “Just about made it, but the last few. Damn, they always drop!!”

  5. Or a simple “Bullseye” would be a pretty interesting answer as well ;-)!

  6. Btw, that reminds me The Male Workplace Psyche!! It’s f***ing hilarious!

  7. @Guru Hehehe…man that’s funny stuff.

    Reminds me of a line in Scrubs where Dr.Cox says to a curious guy in the latrine…

    “By the way, if your’e wondering…it says “If you can read this, your’e standing too close.” 🙂

  8. Dude, that line’s been used so much that it’s losing its charm!! Even scrubs used it? Damn!!

  9. Oh..where else has it been used? I thought it was original!

  10. Well, if you trace through history of where all I saw it, then started off as a bumper sticker, then saw it on a girl’s Tee and then some cartoon, where in it’s on a hand-grenade and then now in Scrubs!!

    Damn, they are ripping that line apart!!

  11. Oh yeah, it was there in one of the Mask cartoons as well, where he sees it on a nuclear bomb ;-)!

  12. Oh…but using in the toilet is original isn’t it? 🙂

  13. Yeah well I guess so!! :-D!!

  14. hey punnen 8052 DAMN you make me feel old

  15. You’re and old punk!

  16. itz not abt the MONEY dude … something beyond that / more than that/ something that extends to infinity ,…… (aaaah!! wat am i talking abt) (i wish _they_ pay me more ) 😀 .

  17. Shataram – Heard o that book .. Its abt this Runaway Opressed Australian father turned mumbayya bhai/Bollywood extra turned Socialite/Writer right..? Gotta get my hands on that one!

    Omakara – Adaption o othello .. gotta see that one! These movies are just a flash in the pan .. Bollywood sux!!

    Money – More accepted language than music 😦 !

    One d wierdest things ive heard peeing in d restroom :
    Collegue: Dude .. Do ya understand tamil ..?
    Me: Not really …!!
    Collegue: Good .. coz my friend and i have this private thing to discuss!!!
    Me: ??????

  18. @Wildgrey and Bluesaze…guys youre older than me!!!

    @Johnny Dude…go out and smell the fresh air once in a while!

    @Sid Yep thats the book. It’s amazing how much an Australian can learn from India…when we just sit around and complain!

    Omkara was good…not great but suprisingly powerful…hard to understand tho 🙂

    That conv is pretty funny…talking in the restroom should be banned!

  19. 19 Jose

    hey dude..i’ve started a blog and you can find a link to my flickr there.

  20. talking in the restroom should be banned!

    I disagree completely. Comon!! Restroom conversations are pretty interesting for the simple factor of the environment. Especially working in the corporate India, you get a feeler of a very comfy environment. Believe me, restrooms in my office, were one of the best things I have seen!! ;-)! *lets ignore the people here, i am talking about the cubbyhole, where it’s private enough* unlike the public ones, where in you take a breath before, do your thing n then rush out!!

    Anyhoo, coming back to conversations in the restroom, why not? it’s just another place and what u’re doing is something so native to even the other guy! There’s connection in very many levels [no pun intended] :-D!

  21. @ Jose…great pics man…!!

    @ Guru Connection on so many levels my @$$!

    People just find it so awkward standing next to each other with their fly open and so end up making crappy conversations to somehow reduce the awkwardness of the situation…

    the next guy who asks me “hows it going?” in the loo is gonna get it from me!

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