hark! the graduate rants…



Woke up in a very nostalgic mood today, probably ‘cos our BE Graduation Ceremony happens tomorrow and I’m one of the few people who won’t be going.

Ever since the first year I wondered what it would be like posing for the cameras in the black robe and grad cap whilst holding the degree that I had “strived” for 4 years of my life! But, that was until I realised that the robe wasn’t black, but yellow (YELLOW!) and that the certificate wasn’t the degree but just some piece of paper with the college letter head. Ironically, I’ve been there for the graduation ceremonies of all the 3 senior batches.

What troubles me a bit is that I seem to be least bothered about it…except that I’m going to miss the whole gang that’s gonna be there tomorrow!

mel_gibson_taken_july-28-2006.jpg It’s funny how 1 incident can change your opinion about a person whom you’ve held in high regard for a long time. I’m talking about Mel Gibson. Loved every single one of his movies (including Mad Max and Conspiracy Theory!!) and now he goes ahead, gets drunk, abuses cops and becomes all anti-semitic and that’s just very disturbing! Read about it here. How the mighty have fallen!

Just the other day, Swen and I had a conversation that went something like this:

S-Dude…Mel Gibson’s a Roman Catholic right?

P-Yea, hardcore Roman Catholic! He’s got like 5 or 6 kids man!

S-Woah! Roman Catholic with 6 kids! That’s a tough act to follow!

P- Yea, he probably believes “If you can’t convert them, create them!”

(and then both of us burst into wild, raucous laughter that is typical of idiots with nothing better to do!)


Listening to Mrs Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel (Holy moly! That’s the soundtrack to The Graduate right??)


15 Responses to “hark! the graduate rants…”

  1. Holy MOG!! What’s up with him?

    @ PS: Dude, what are you btw?

  2. um…I’m NOT RomanCatholic…if that’s waht you meant…but I’m not too different either!

  3. ..not too different ..?? so we gonna have 5-6 lil punnens running around this place soon eh ..?? he he .. good one tho :D!

  4. @Sid hehe…i was saying the RC faith is similar to ours.

    anyhoo…as it is people dont want 1 punnen around. 5-6 would be overkill!! 🙂

  5. Hey hey… just imagine the amount of dance floor psychos that mite generate :-D!!

  6. hey puns I just came back from college just went for a day to meet up with anil Titus CSE HOD. Seems Pingu and Dingu were there 🙂 I was wondering what all the fuss was all about.

  7. @ Guru (*poses like J Travolta from Saturday Night Fever*) Oh Yeah!

    @Bluesaze Hey …Michel Kumar is not the registrar anymore…it’s the COE now!

  8. we never did have a graduation ceremony:(… but then again, most of us still havent passed 😀

    we all just got up and left !

  9. @kickasso Gradution is overrated man! In India atleast!

  10. Dude, I still haven’t received my f***ing degree certificate!! WTF?? I mean, f*** graduation, get us the certificate of being an engineer at least. It’s been 2 years now since I wrote the last exam :-D!!

  11. 11 sooraj


    if you cant convert them,create them

  12. 12 sooraj

    so u got a reason for not going …..b’cos the robe is not black like the one in your dreams………….man u r gr8…..tu mahan ho…..(dont reply back in hindi….tats all i know)

  13. @Guru Um…two years ..isnt that time enough for you to atleast ASK for your degree?

    @Sooraj Hey man, heard it was fun at convoc ydy. TM broke another glass at Barista! 🙂

  14. 14 soorajrox

    merin msgd me this mornin n tm jus called me…..it semms he didnt break …..nita did…..n tm tht he broke it

  15. 15 sooajrox

    f… i didnt know that micheal n kumar is not the registrar…..COE!!??i think that jacjass will be the same as the other jackass……….

    jus saw the photos of graduation……tm’s…i’ll send it over to you

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