the marathon man


3 hours and 14 minutes! Nope, it’s not the running time of Lord of the Rings! Actually it could have been…I really don’t know…but anyhoo that’s how long I walked today!

I’d always loved walking but who knew that Hussein Sagar Lake was a lot farther away than the 5 minutes I always assumed it to be!! For the uninitiated, Hussein Sagar Lake is a huge (240 sq km basin area) artificial lake in Hyderabad/Secunderbad built sometime around 1560 (Stop looking so shocked! I read it on a board near the lake.) by some guy named Hussein and it pretty much divides the twin cities. It’s surrounded (Atleast I think! Hyderabadis, feel free to correct me! :-)) by the Necklace Road and the view (especially sunset) is amazing!

Anyway, I took a long long walk around the place and the first thing that comes to my mind is the multitude of couples. It is depressing especially if you happen to be single. Moreover, our ‘simple and traditional’ society may be catching up with the west in more ways than you think! 🙂 The place is great if you love corn too which yours truly adores!

After an hour of loitering, I decided to walk back because…well…I’m currently broke! Made it in one piece though I think I may need somebody to carry me back home! (*groan*)

Shall post some cool pics (read pointless,narcissistic and self indulgent photos) soon.

A certain Ms Imperfect said my name was too hard to pronounce and I tried repeating my name to myself in an attempt to prove her wrong and now I’m not really sure how it’s actually pronounced! My heartfelt thanks, Ms Imperfect!

By the way you may want to check out It’s this community blog thing started by 5 (and counting) individuals with too much free time on their hands! It’s already attracted a fair share of controversy too. 🙂


Listening to Acoustic #3 by Goo Goo Dolls ( is an awesome awesome site!)

Edit: I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank Ms Imperfect without whose constant encouragement and support, I would not have been able to make it back home today. Thankyou! I would also like to state that she has NOT asked me to mention her name on this post. (:-) Happy?)


19 Responses to “the marathon man”

  1. What can I say but, damn man!! I wish I had local calls, altho she does considers it as a local call. I wanna be in Hyderabad………. WWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! :-(!!!

  2. @Guru Um…I can understand…but you know what?? I WISH I WAS IN GERMANY!!!!

  3. @PS:- Be happy where you are bro. you should be thankful you aint here!!

  4. hey man looks like yer having a good time there in Hydrabad 🙂 the pics on the left look good . did you take them ????

    Just a not when you are putting sites which are subdomain like never but the www. as a prefix since www works only for the main domain i.e. … thats why most of the links you put in this post are not working 😦

  5. 5 JV

    Oh, oh, oh! I would be willing to walk for hours if the view was beautiful just like the image above! Like it! It’s just like reading a book under an apple tree. Nice view! It seems that you have fun!:grin:

  6. @Wildgrey I am happy here man…hoping like crazy that I get posted here itself!

    @Bluesaze Yep, took all those pics on my phone. Wish I had a good cam though.

    Hey all the links on the post seem to be working for me! Will check!

    @JV Your’e right man, walking puts everything into perspective and yep the view was B-E-A -utiful!!! 🙂

  7. 7 Ms.Imperfect

    The thanks wud have been accepted gracefully if only you hadnt spoilt the moment by adding the “like to state that she has NOT asked me to mention her name on this post.” tag to it….*hmprf* 😛

    Ahhh…neways…lovely view..didnt i tell you…and about the couples… 😆 …u cant say i didnt warn ya…very subtly tho 😛

  8. Clicking on the following links dont work

    P.s its in brackets else my comment would go into spam

  9. Clicking on the following links dont work
    www ( . ) scribez.wordpress ( . ) com.
    www ( . ) lessthanperfect.wordpress ( . ) com

    P.s its in brackets else my comment would go into spam

  10. @Ms Imperfect Man! I’m goin for another walk today too…and this time, not alone! 🙂

  11. Dude, did you notice that 3 hours and 14 mins. has an association with pi (3.14 approx.)?

  12. @selva Man! you never sieze to amaze me! never!

  13. 13 Ms.Imperfect

    Finally, things r looking up eh? 😛

  14. @Ms Imperfect they aren’t looking up but things aren’t looking up either! 😉

  15. 15 jivewithme

    Husain Sagar isnt surrounded by Necklace Road.. the road changes its name to Tank Bund after some time..

    I wonder y u keep on walkin .. seriously.. wat ever happened to ur Reliance n coffee.. those were less crazy addictions in comparison to Walkin all the way to Hussain Sagar..

  16. @jivewithme You are who I think you are aren’t ya?

    well…my finances have forced me to seek new hobbies. Reliance and coffee were too expensive! 🙂

  17. err.. how is ur name pronounced btw ..??? :D!

  18. @Sid Okkkeeey….It’s pronounced ‘poo-nen’ and don’t evn come up with a wisecrack! :-p

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