the disgruntled indian speaks


I got to read the newspaper after a long time yesterday and honestly, I wish I didn’t. Just when I was on my way to being proud of the country despite all it’s shortcomings, I came across the news (big news infact) that a teacher was killed by some students of the BJP’s youth wing, the ABVP. What the hell! I mean what happened to the whole ‘guru-sishya’ culture that is prevelant only in India? What happened to Gandhigiri? What happened to law and order? And why in God’s name are there no suspects yet? Can Rang De Basanti be cited here as an influence?

The last few weeks, I’ve talked to a lot of people about why the most unpatriotic people in the country come from South India and more specifically, Kerala. God’s own Country is well on it’s way to becoming a ‘country’ in every possible way. It probably explains why Kerala is one of the very few states in India where Communism works. People don’t really care about what goes on in the rest of the country and inspite being 100% literate, Kerala is home to the highest liquor consumption and the highest suicide rate. We are perhaps the most regionalistic and chauvinistic (I may have created a few new words here) people in the whole damn country! Another funny thing I’ve noticed is that the hatred for Pakistan increases as you go up the country! Oh yeah, just in case you don’t know, I AM from Kerala and I truly believe that the Indian Subcontinent comprises of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh,Maldives, Srilanka and KERALA! 🙂

To a very patriotic friend of mine (Read Swen George), the Indian map looks something like this.:-)




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  1. Interesting facts about Kerala. It seems education does not change certain basic tendencies. What you said about Pakistan is also true. God alone knows when that problem will be solved but the professor’s murder was really deploratble.

  2. @Hiren Right said mate! Like they say, once a malayalee, always a malayalee! 🙂

  3. I’m a Mallu .. and I have pretty strong views about Pakistan.. I hate the ideology they support, the cause they fan and their lousy guts! I mean which country tries to camouflage their officers as militants trying to get in back door just coz they don’t have the balls to stand up to us in a battlefield! If they push us to the brink of war, I’d support the decision myself and probably jump in to kick some paki ass!!! We a peaceful country but there is a limit to tolerance!

    People from the south aren’t patriotic isn’t a fair statement to say! Patriotism judged on the basis of the number of people from a particular region in the arm forces isn’t a fair yard stick! I think people in the north have a regionalistic incline towards many issues that might tend to associate themselves with patriotism. Recently some of the top army brass constituted of South Indians! Coming to Kerala, yes there are issues but that a whole different ball game all together! People are so engrossed in commenting about what’s going on in Kerala coz they are so knowledgeable about the issues pertaining to them that this probably overshadows the nationalistic view!

  4. btw – love tht song ( Beautiful world – Collin hay ) :)! If ya have time send me the top 20 or so songs that u have that aint from the top bands around .. love trying out new stuff ….

  5. @Sid Wooh! Is patriotism and jingoism the same? Kidding! :-p

    Shall come up with a list of songs that I think are cool….

  6. very thin line eh patriotism and jingoism .. anyhoo .. i think we ( indians in general ) are more patriotic than we give ourselves credit for :)!

  7. @ sid and PS: Dudes, we have already discussed about the Indian patriotism – india!! Anyhoo, about some of the points discussed above

    I assure u PS, u don’t find a pakistani hater, as much as Sid. You will see him totally fired up on Pakistanis than anyone you’d ever known. Moi – more the guy who’s like what’s the f***ing point? I mean Kashmir is an issue. I wish they’d go independent, but they wouldn’t stand a CHANCE against China. China is just ready to grab Kashmir any minute as it’s a tremendous vantage point military wise and oil wise. Their dream of a direct pipeline from Iran instead of shipping it around Pakistan and India regularly would be more than enough reason for them to grab Kashmir the minute it goes to Pakistan or goes independent. Hence my support to India which spends about $160 [us] daily per soldier in Kashmir border :-)!

  8. Guru! Shocks me when Indians even think about letting it go .. Today its Kashmir .. Tomorrow its Sikkim .. then we want a khalsa land .. lets do one think .. Break up India into 47 different countries .. that’ll be cool .. il need a visa to come to bangalooro! Can go to Delhi and say I’ve been abroad!

    Bottom line is we aren’t going in2 anyone’s country demanding land na .. we don’t send terrorist letting them carry out their holy wars killing people like u and me! Lets for a change stop cribbing as to how much money we spending protecting our borders and salute the tolerance of a country, its soldiers who are dragged in2 this for no fault of theirs!! We don’t go carpet bombing nations coz we’ve had a terrorist attack! If we would have been a US or a Britain there would be no pakistan now to argue over !!!!

  9. Hey PS — If u a SCRUBS fan u should check out this episode in which they have weaved Overkill into this one episode .. its pretty creative what they have don’t to the song and how its so connected to that episode .. if u interested il tell ya the season and run number of the episode .. Hey, i have only heard the acoustic version … love it .. is there an album version ??

  10. @Sid hehe…its’ Season 2 …episode one and the name of the episode i My Overkill 🙂 Have it!

  11. hehe .. yups! thats the one! :D! so u a scrubs fan eh ..? similar five! *smack!* ;)!

  12. @ Everybody Guys I’m not as protective of Kashmir as Sid but I do think that the whole stand off on the issue is kinda frustrating. I mean what happened to that whole independant poll of the Kashmiris?

    And Guru you think India should keep Kashmir just ‘cos Pakistan may actually go ahead with the pipeline if Kashmir goes independant?

    I saw Lage Raho Munnabhai last night and I gotta say as funny as it was, the whole Gandhian philosophy won’t work in India today. The message was almost an antithesis of what Rang De Basanti preacehd.

    Anyhoo …me just wrote this post ‘cos I was kinda wondering why South Indians aren’t so patriotic. Well you guys have proved that I may have been wrong! 🙂

  13. @ Sid Oh man! Similar Five! *smack* awesome man! Tod is KING!!!

  14. Anyways … Just so that i’m not mistaken – I’m not a fanatic, I’m also not for just killing every paki that i meet. Its just that all the wars of late have been on our soil and that speaks volumes! It pains to see mothers/sisters/wives/gf’s loose their loved ones in the armed forces to this – Their fault just flushing out the pests! See, i am even prepared to just maintain the staus quo visa vi the LOC. Thats how much i can bend .. But the sad part is they wont let us live in peace and thats what gets me!!! As i said just coz some sections want a seperate state shouldnt be reason enough to let them have one!

    Enough said.. 🙂 glad u changing your opinion abt southies PS, I’m loving it 😉

  15. @Sid Man! You’re definetly NOT a fanatic!

    Plus any guy who loves Scrubs (and the kinda music it has) is definetly a cool guy! 😉

  16. hehe .. i tell ya .. i mean JD and Turk ARE the couple .. u know what i mean .. in a so non gayish way!!! (not that i have anything against gays .. what ever make u happy fellas ) I think i wanted to be a doc more badly after watching Scrubs than i did after watching ER :P!

  17. @Sid The reason I loved scrubs so much was that I saw a lot of myself in JD and I do have that inner monologue a lot and a very very very visual imagination! 🙂

    Plus Dr Cox! Man!

  18. Hey I was gonna say that … In fact that’s half the reason ppl around me think im crazy coz sometimes the monologue isn’t quite “inner”! Dude .. u getting sidzofrenic i think 😉

    About Dr.Cox .. Well only if I could make a collection of all the sarcasm he dishes out *sigh!*

  19. @Sid True true true! Me sidzofrenic…maybe you’re getting ‘prestidigitated’! 🙂

    I drift of during conversations and I swear I have background music in my head sometimes! 🙂

    Have you seen the episode where a patient has a light bulb up his butt and Dr. Cox says “That’s either a light bulb up his pooper or his colon just had a great idea!”? Man! That was friggin hilarious!

  20. He he .. how abt this

    Dr. Cox to Dr. Kelso –
    ” Ah, sorry to interrupt you there, Bobbo, but I gotta ask you a quick question. Now, when you were born, nay, *spawned* by the Dark Prince himself, did that rat bastard forget to give you a hug before he sent you along your way? ”

    Dr. Cox to JD –
    ” Lassie, in response to the bestiality rumors circulating about you, I have decided to forgo calling you by the usual girl’s name, and instead I am going to refer to you as whatever famous dog I can think of. I have gone with Lassie because of course it satisfies the criteria of being both a girl’s and a dog’s name, thus helping you to ease into the transition “

  21. Hehehe ROTFLMAO!!! Funny stuff man!

  22. @ guys: Ok, here’s the deal. You are saying that it’s claiming the lives of Indian men who are fighting for it. You are saying that the border is being saved by our men and we should pay for it. Don’t crib about your income tax then. Make it more. Pay more to the Indian Govt. Support a soldier there for the time he can spend there.

    How come when it comes to that India as a whole cribs? With every budget, the defense is but getting a higher chunk of money, I have no probs with it, if the defense is then protecting its country and its soldiers.

    @ PS: Yes PS, i am thinking of holding kashmir ONLY from that perspective. Screw the Indian patriotism and the fact that it was part of India. Theres no point in holding on to history and pride. You can @ what cost? We are NOT Israel, in whose constitutions it’s written – a drop of blood will be taken for every drop of Israeli blood shed.

    I can say that it’s only a losing war. I am patriotic. I want India to be better at the end of it, not regain its pride land.

    Independent polls – hahahaha ROTFLMAOI!!

  23. @ Guru Alrightey! First off…chill man! 🙂

    See I’m guessing not many people would crib about their income taxes if they were ACTUALLY being fully utilized for our armed forces. We all know that a lotta money goes into the personal coffers of ass politicians!

    About us being different from Israel, I totally agree with you and hey, I hope from the bottom of my heart that India becomes a better place too so there we basically have the same sentiments! 🙂

    For now, chill! ooookey? 🙂

    (*Shit…I think I’m really getting hooked to smileys!*)

  24. yups! agree with PS here .. lets leave tax and china outta this issue .. makes no sense … next topic please :)!

  25. i second that!

  26. @ both: It’s NOT that different. I am ready to move on to the next topic as well, but still doesn’t change the fact that taxes and China are VERY much so into the topic. Ok, explain to me why Tax n China don’t make sense here? :-/

  27. @ Guru My my my! You have totally disproved the fact that south indians aren’t patriotic! Now, I’m getting scared…:-|

  28. Hehehe! Dude, Global Indians are the most patriotic ;-)!

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