let go: chris and the other girls


Really neat video! That’s the kinda stuff I’d like to shoot! 🙂


7 Responses to “let go: chris and the other girls”

  1. Amazing!! PS, what a video!! Damn, this is the kinda stuff I’d like to be in and be shot :P!! Hmm, I need to come up with some new songs. Been quite some time!!

  2. I know! awesome aye? Look I may get a DV cam soon. If you can sing, I can shoot and edit! Dealo?

  3. Dude, get that DV cam ready, and I shall get my vocal chords ready, well they already are :-D!! I used to play in band man!! Songs are a piece of cake, and of course, will be enough eye candy for the vdo :-P!!

    My pens gonna start working again ;-)!! At least can be a Youtube star eh ;-)!!

  4. 4 soorajrox

    all praise to you tube for the about-or-could have been-wasted goes unwasted

  5. @Guru Agreed. But I need a little practice once I get the cam. Eyecandy for the video. Rope more people in…preferrably Claudia Schiffer. C’mon you’re in Germany!!!! 😉

    @Sooraj Athu thanne! 🙂

  6. nice Concept …….. Mmmm now I just need a DIGI Cam… By the way do ya rem our spoof of I want it that way :D. by the way Your review of Shantaram is getting a lot of hits on scribez 😉

  7. @Bluesaze Oooh yeah….that was funny. Plus remember that video u guys made for the symposium…Kitrix! 🙂

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