the ‘training’ blues


The last few days have been sort of wierd, not that they were exceptionally bad or anything, but they weren’t  great either. I think it’s probably the whole training thing that I’m really getting tired of and I sure as hell can’t wait for it to get over! Haven’t we spent enough time in a classroom already??

Anyhoo, been reading Catch 22 and it’s the kind of book I’d rather not read too fast. It’s black humor at it’s best and all those ‘important’ questions on life are dealt in the most straightforward and funny manner!  Could be plain absurd to some but great and enlightening stuff to many!:-)

The captain was a good chess player, and the games were always interesting. Yossarian had stopped playing chess with him because the games were so interesting they were foolish.


Thanks to Swen (who happened to turn a day older today) , I’ve decided to listen to a bit more of the older stuff and believe you me, listening to classic rock is like nothing else.

The songs currently listened to most on my SLVR L7 are:

  • Under Pressure by Queen (Has to be the most awesome song on coming of age)
  • Hole in my Soul by Aerosmith
  • Janie’s got a Gun by Aerosmith
  • Making Love Out of Nothing at All by Air Supply (Go ahead and mock, mockers!:-))
  • Promises by Deff Leppard
  • Somebody to Love by Queen
  • Bitter Wind by Bon Jovi
  • The Only Living Boy in New York by Simon & Garfunkel
  • Knocking on Heaven’s Door by Guns ‘n Roses

Something I’ve been wanting to try out for sometime is beer…but somehow still haven’t managed to get myself to do it! And I don’t even know why! 🙂



3 Responses to “the ‘training’ blues”

  1. Dude .. try Fix You – Coldplay ..

  2. I agree about the Catch 22! I kinda stopped in the middle, and when I tried to continue, I realised that I had to start from the beginning again!! Damn, it’s a pain man!!

    But will finish it sometime. :-D!! Mera number aayegaa so to speak!! ;-)!

  3. @Sid…dude one of my fav songs and Coldplay happens to be one of my fav bands too! 😉 You know what? I love Blue Merle thanks to you…!

    Plus listen to Cells by Servant. One of the coolest songs ever…was on the trailer of Sin City!

    @Guru Catch 22 is fantabulous diude! I suggest you pick it up as soon as you find the time! Tumhara number to zaroor aana hain! 🙂

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