an open letter to parents who send their kids off to Reliance Webworld on a Sunday morning


Dear Sir/Madam,

I know it seems weird that I’m writing to you considering that I don’t know you at all but I feel that I may go crazy if I don’t.

I’m a 22 year old working a mundane job in Hyderabad and leading a pretty boring existense. Every other day or so, I come to Reliance Webworld (the one near Anand theatre in Begumpet) and spend a few hours checking my mail, reading stuff, listening to music and updating my blog. This is where I happen to chance upon your child/children. A smart bunch of boys I must admit. You must be immensely proud of them right?

Allow me to open your eyes…

I do understand that you may have busy lives. You may both work 9 to 5 jobs or may be involved in businesses that require round the clock attention. You may think that you are being good parents by sending them to good schools and giving them pocket money that would put many professionals such as myself to shame.  You may think that making/keeping them happy is of utmost importance. And hence you go out of your way to provide them with everything possible. I understand.

Have you ever taken the time to wonder what your precious son/daughter does outside of home?

I have been sitting here for the last 2 hours and have painfully listened to a bunch of 10-14 year olds using words that would surely make you cringe. They have surprised me with their extensive vocabulary and knowledge on the male human anatomy that includes words that I cannot even use on my own blog. Your children are selfish, materialistic and thoroughly uncivilised little rascals and I pity you, most of all.

Do you really believe that by keeping them happy now by lavishing them with money and gifts will secure your future? I think not! They will treat you like dirt and probably kick you out of your home by the time they turn 25!  One of the kids actually managed to mouth off “**** you, old man!” to a guy working here!

Seriously, learn how to treat your kids. It’s sad knowing they’ll grow up into future citizens of our country. I know we live in an ugly world, but you’re fully responsible for the way your kids turn out and there’s no use blaming peer influence by the time they go to college and start snorting coke!

So, sit down and think about it for a while. Don’t give your kids everything the want…give them a little of your time instead of giving them cash to play computer games on a Sunday morning.

If you don’t do anything about it, I swear I’m going to punch one of them in the face!!!


Yours Sincerely,



35 Responses to “an open letter to parents who send their kids off to Reliance Webworld on a Sunday morning”

  1. Dude …even if u keep the kids at home they will mouth off given any chance. Its shocking to hear those rascals use words that u urself learned only a few years ago.
    About abusing the employee verbally: its just sad.
    But playing video games … lets just leave that out of the discussion …

    By the way, great letter . Hope some parents take notice …or maybe even some future parents

  2. @Swen I have a feeling you’re gonna be one of those parents!! 🙂 I swear man, I was all riled up in the morning…now I’m back to normal!

  3. 3 Bentley

    I have to say i enjoyed reading this post very much. now as far as playing video games are concerned Mr Swen said..lets just leave it out. I know how emotional one gets when your involved in a multiplayer game. I say that use of profanity in the context of gaming and only in that context should be permitted. Its much like driving, when someone cuts you off you dont say “oh gosh,darn” you say “****”. No ones complaining about that right? lol

  4. @Bentley If you swear at an employee who happens to be thrice your age because of a multi player game, then I say out with the game! 🙂

    Long time, no see Bentley 🙂

  5. @i dont mean to sound defensive ..but was the kid even aware of the employee presence? And y did he mouth off ?

  6. 6 Bentley

    Although i agree that kids should respect their elders, elders shouldve known better than to say something to a deeply ‘game engrossed’ kid who might be loosing. In the emotional trauma experienced by the kid he might have said something. We the defence plead ‘Temporary Insanity your honour”

  7. @Bentley
    U took the words out of my mouth

  8. @Swen OK…this employee asked him to stop using bad language…and the kid said “**** you, old man” and the guy just pathetically walked away!

    @ bentley Denied

    Look guys…it’s not about swearing…it’s about values. I know, to swen that’s a bit heavy handed but what happened to childish innocence?

    This is what happens when parents don’t really care for their kids…the curse of the affluence of the middle class!!!

  9. 9 Bentley

    @Swen: Thank you!

    @PS:- Ive been ‘out of my mind’ in recent times. Now that im back need to do some catching up. Anyhoo lets get back to the matter at hand. Does the prosecution have any other questions?

  10. 10 Bentley

    OK my post came a little bit late. Anyways.

    @Ps:- You said i quote ” Look guys…it’s not about swearing…it’s about values.” How many times have i caught you swearing at me. Now im elder to you but still where were all your values then?
    [This is just for argument sake. no hard feelings]

  11. @PS:
    childish innocence.. Dude that last till your 5 years old or so in the modern age. Innocence is lost. All parents can do is teach there kids to pretend that they are still innocent. Seriously u should have whacked the kid on his head.

    Other gamers have to bear the bad name for a bunch of wannabe’s

  12. @Bentley um…you have me . (for argument’s sake only!) 🙂

    Look, I like kids…i liked being a kid…naybe simpler times, i dont really know. And it’s kinda distressing when you see a kid barely in the 4 th grade say stuff like that.

    Admit it dude, it’d hurt you. I’m not trying to raise a debate or an argument here…just saying that in the end, we are who we are mostly ‘cos the way our folks look after us.

    These very financially comfortable parents need to invest more time into their kid’s lives. That is all!

  13. 13 Bentley

    @Swen: I agree. its unfortuanate that some wannabe’s give us harcore-ers a bad name. Oh n PS wouldnt whack a fly even if he wanted to. He’s chicken or should i say he’s got too much innocence His values prevents him from doing something.

  14. Guys! I admit I’m no boy scout! both of you are just having a great time here aren’t ya??? 🙂

  15. @PS:
    Being a kid. Cant really comment on that. Not much of memory ofthat time .

    Dude. I have been with Punns for 4 years. Trust me. Chicken Little he is. His values prevent him from doing most things. hehe

  16. 16 Bentley

    @P.S:-If some kid 3 times younger than me were to abuse me then there would be hell to pay. You said i quote “I’m not trying to raise a debate or an argument here…just saying that in the end, we are who we are mostly ‘cos the way our folks look after us.”

    Oh you just started a debate alright. Now dont be a wussy and fight! So now its the parents fault that the kids are swearing? No way! Its the media ‘s fault. Have you seen the TV nowadays? I know what youre gonna say next. Parents should restrict what they watch. Well i bet they cant control what they’re kids watch when they send their kids over to friends places. So i just wanna say that its not the parents fault at all. Not one bit

    And yes we’re having tons of fun here.

  17. 17 Bentley

    @Swen: Amen brother. Well said!

  18. @Bentley I’m no wussy bro!!! I’ll see you on gtalk!!! 🙂

  19. @Bentley:
    i think we successfully moved from vid games to Punns turf: Movies

  20. @ all: Guys, wow!! This is interesting allrite ;-)!

    @ PS: Dude, first off, the guy came to tell a kid, swearing at the monitor to reduce his swearing. Now, the kid – well can’t call him a kid, being a fellow gamer [rite Swen,Bentley!! Age aint a bar in gaming], and especially playing a multiplayer game, he’s BOUND to have some swear words up his sleeve.

    Note: I am not saying what he did is right, in FACT what he did is outta line. I completely agree with you here.

    However, the old geezer pathetically walking away is the thing that we have to concentrate on here. Let a kid/any guy in any sorta frenzy swear at me, he’s gonna pay!!

    Fellow gamers do understand the code of ethics and swearing is controlled by them in case someone DOES ask them to be quiet! Consequently, the kid was indeed outta line to the geezer.

    @ Bentley & Swen: Fellow gamers here aren’t we?? ;-)!

    Now, regarding the other point – Values are something that is ingrained, not just by parents. Yes, their forcing does help us LOOK in that direction, but then that’s about it. _WE_ ourselves have to decide to imbibe these onto our practice, our system. For that, you need to first understand these values and what they really stand for.

    These outta line kids will learn it the hard way dude. One day, just take me to the Reliance Web world and if they mess with me, they’ll understand what respect is all about :-P!! Heehee!!

    So chill maar, enjoy the good times, and be happy u ain’t one of these 🙂 and hopefully don’t get one of these. But then, with word going around that ur Chicken Lil!! :-)!!

    Btw, I was thinking of another thing – You mentioned that well, kids eventually turn out to be more or less like their parents. Do you mean in their actions and what they teach their children? Coz, I think when we grow up and have juniors of our own, we’ll try to ingrain values on2 them, which we ourselves believed in has helped us reach a better position and appreciate life more rite?

  21. 21 Bentley

    @Guru: Couldnt have said it any better!

    @PS: You know what goes thru a gamer’s mind only if youve been a gamer. If im not mistaken the closes thing to a game that youve played is good ‘ol DAVE and maybe Super Mario too. So you wouldnt know. lol;). But looks to me like you(the prosecution) hasnt got a case at all!!

  22. @Bentley We talked about this man!

    @Guru I agree with every single thing you said man…

    Value are ingrained etc…

    Moreover I firmly believe that the geezer (!!!) shouldn’t have walked away.

    Swen and I had this conversation yesterday….we kinda decided that if the said kid was in Kerala…he would have in for some serious ass whooping!!!

    About games…I’m no expert!! 🙂

  23. 23 soorajrox


  24. 24 soorajrox


  25. 25 soorajrox

    and bout that kid(who mouthed off that…)… if he was my granddad’s son(like my dad’s bro…my uncle)…think he would have killed himself,cos otherwise my granddad must have killed him

  26. @sooraj from the stories uve told me…I believe you!!!

  27. Gosh!! I love this discussion… frustrated that I kudnt join up earlier!! Grrr…. Anyways,

    PS seems to b putting a whole lotta blame on parents, Swen seems to hav no hope on the kids of today, parents cant help.. nuthin can help..n all he can think of doin to make a change is ,”whacked the kid on his head.” n Bentley seems to b trin his best to cover up for those kids n even call PS a “Chicken” for holdin on to his values( P.S., it takes courage to stand for ur values.. way to go bro!).. But ofcourse he took the words outta my mouth wen he said ,” So now its the parents fault that the kids are swearing?…”that I hope clears PS’s confution .. and Guru, well he’s got a lotta good points…. But guys…

    I hav a feeling all u guys believe that using bad language aint wrong as long as u aint using em on someone twice ur age.Someone here quoted,”it’s not about swearing…it’s about values.” Does that mean values dont include NOT swearing??emmm… Kids look up to the older guys.. not jus parents n movies,… They immitate the “cool guys”near their locality .. coz that, they believe ‘ll make them cool too…. So guys, take up some responsibility… Dont point fingers on others.. nxt time some nasty word comes to ur mind, stop urself from gettin it out loud coz kids might b listening!

    Now jus coz I lectured to u all, dont gang up against me. I atleast gav u the tag,” cool guys” 😉

  28. @all4love groan…i thought this discussion was over!

    anyhoo…i dint blame the parents for the kids’ swearing. I said the parents don’t spend enuf time wit the kids.

    lets end it at that. okey dokey? 🙂

    PS -cool guys? us? awww!:-)

  29. 29 Bentley

    End it? Cumon! No way! I was just beginning to enjoy this. We should have discussions like this in bigger forums.

    Anyhow, all4love seems to side the fact that use of foul language is the thing to blame. As red blooded males i have to say that if it werent for foul language we wouldnt have been able to express ourselves in the most strongest way.

    But then again if you feel you dont have to use foul language then plz dont. But within a group of well trusting friends the use of foul language is not seen in the same was as in other scenarios.
    Therefore use of foul language is not deemed to be the problem in this dicussion.

  30. @ All: Personally, it’s “foul language” only when the other person takes it as the same. Especially amongst friends and close periphery, foul language is not used to be derogatory, but as an exclamation!

    For e.g.

    Yo PS!! How’s it hanging there dude? F***ing awesome to see you!

    or to some effect like that ;-)!

    Anyhoo, the point here, I am trying to make is that – possibly it’s those values themselves that are being misjudged here.

    We don’t [Well, I don’t] consider usage of “foul” [i don’t even consider that] language as something that shows a lack of value.

    Disrespecting a request [especially by an elder] is!!

    So, the kid was outta line in disrespecting the elder, but not necessarily in using “foul” language. Yes, it did help PS’s cause that many people don’t exactly agree with me in this point :-D!!

  31. @PS: aww u wanna end this discussion?, get a new post soon n v’ll start on that 😀

    @Bentley:Comeon man.. i xpected a better argument from u…. Its all excuses … to not take up the responsibility of setting better xamples to the younger generations… U said,”As red blooded males i have to say that if it werent for foul language we wouldnt have been able to express ourselves in the most strongest way.” N u think kids dont consider themselves red blooded males?? Even if they rn’t , they believe they r all grown up…
    N as for not considering foul language as the issue here….
    Well, I was thinking… olden days, u were xpected to stand up wen an elderly walks in,as a sign of respect… now very few does so.. but there is still respect… It all starts as.. ” my parents..vr close..they dont xpect standin up to show respect..” n slowly spreads to the whole society .. Foul language might also reach that state where first among the “trusting friends the use of foul language is not seen in the same was as in other scenarios.” to foul language being “foul” no more… n then dont b surprised if kids nxt door start callin u names as a natural “reflex action” to anger… Is it surprising that many words that were negative once.. are good qualities now.. (“naughty”)n good words turn foul…. like “gay”…. em….

  32. @ all4love: Hey when was naughty ever negative ;-)!! Hehe!! anyhoo, that wasn’t the intention. The intention was to point out that “foul language” has always been a problem with the society. It’s just that western swear words have seeped into our parlance. Regional swears have ALWAYS been used by anyone, be it our parents, or our nephews and nieces.

    So, you cannot be making the claim that the younger generation have suddenly caught onto “foul language”. They just don’t have the mental maturity to use it discretely :-D!!

    And, I thought we were all “Red blooded” – not just males :-P!!

  33. 33 Ms.Imperfect

    Have i come here a bit too late!!
    Yes…looks like that….and PS wants to close the discussion….well, so be it!! 🙂

    Havnt read thru many of the comments, except prolly the first few ones by all the gamers, the rest were way too long for me *blame my impatience*

    All u gamer dudes….ahem…i’ve seen em swear and its got nuthing to do with disrespect for anyone…if its swearin at all….more to do with how involved the person is in the game running on his/her [r there any? ;)] comp screen…personally i have seen my bro swear away to glory, and i know he is an extremely sweet kid who wudnt otherwise swear…

    Having said that…i do agree with the point that parents should spend more time with their kids, giving them the freedom/money/whatever & allowing them to behave in an ‘i dont care about ne1 else’ attitude isnt exactly what is expected of parents…but this cant be pinpointed as the only reason why kids do swear/are disrespectful to elders…

    The old guy shudnt have walked off…this will only make the kid believe that he can get away with being disrespectful to people, whether old or not!!

    Err…this is gettin too long for my liking,neways, looks like i almost said what i wanted to…and now i’ve also realised why most comments on this were as long as they were… 😛


  34. 34 Bentley

    Seems to me that MsImperfect should have been the moderator for this discussion. Anyhow.

    @Guruji: Loved the example..and… well..what more cab i say!?

    @all4love: No one is making excuses here.

    @PS:- I’m gonna stop this discussion here. Thanks for a great post and some great times. Expecting more to come

  35. @all First off….(bows) thankyou for all that feed back! Really! Especially Bentley!

    The main issue I ‘kinda’ tried to address was that parents don’t spend quite enuf time with their kids…and thus kids take more from their surroundings than their homes etc…but look where we are now!!!

    Guys, at work today…I was playing snooker (on the PC) and I did manage to swear! 🙂

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