When you said Happiness is
Is all you wanted
You said this
Is all you wanted
How I miss
We almost made it

_The Believer by Rhett Miller


11 Responses to “happiness!”

  1. 1 soorajrox

    which song is that???

  2. @sooraj There ya go…i’ve put it up!

  3. Hey puns can you check my site and tell me if its still Slow ??

  4. @bluesaze Still slow as ever man!

  5. ok it still doenst open up ?? Anyway I’ll be changing webhosts this week. lets see then

  6. are we ever happy ..??? sometimes i ask myself .. nothing satisfies me … im happy sitting on the stars .. then i think id be happier on the moon ..

  7. @sid Hmm..happiness is not a state man..atleast I think not. It’s a process…like a in a pursuit of somethhing. I think.

  8. the journey could be a series of ‘states’ … no..?

  9. Hmm…’state ‘ refers to a certain time period where you’re actually happy, doesnt it?

    I think it’s like this…you go for something you think is gonna make you happy, you reach there and you realise that something else’ll make you happy and it goes on…happiness is truly in the pursuit! 🙂

  10. I think happiness is in that state! U persue that state .. ur happy .. then u think another state would make u happier .. then u persue that .. u reach it .. u happy again .. then u think ………. ( i think u getting my point .. )

  11. @sid I think…:-)

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