go flat hunting see shady houses in shadier streets realise that flat hunting is serious stuff and that salary may not cover initial expenses  go to Hyderabad Central check out all the book shops in town too many to buy, too little money – curse the skies buys pink (yes pink!) t shirt come back to room go back to watch Fast and the Furious 3 tickets sold out eat ice cream listen to Swen complain complaints turn to accusations call up Ms Imperfect go to Harahs Chicken Stroganoff Lamb chops in barbecue sauce triffle pudding caramel custard burp realise dessert may have had alchohol content laugh like little girls come back blog.


22 Responses to “?”

  1. Make that a Double Burp..

    @Ms. Imperfect
    Thanks a bunch for suggestion ..

  2. Ahh…dont even mention it…next time, you people beter take me along!! 😛

  3. And all that sounds real yum!! *drool*
    Btw, the Chicken Stroganoff there is my fav…its so awesome!! 🙂

    Next time, Little Italy…or this mexican place i know of 😀

  4. kool … u guyz r having *real* fun 🙂

  5. @sat- Got up- tea-chat- (comment on blogs)*30- breakfast- comment some more- post- fried fish- rasam- beans-post- guitar classes- killing time in adyar- beach- movie (DOR)- post- midnight (02:00am actually) snack- sleep!

  6. @ all – Saturday – woke up – talk on phone w/ Harini – skip coffe coz too lazy to make it – check on downloads – brush teeth – prepare breakfast – eat breakfast – talk with Harini – get back to watching movies – talk w/ harini – prepare lunch – eat lunch – afternoon siesta – wake up as guests were coming into the house – clean house – write DVDs for guests – yap with them – chuck them outta the house as Harini is back – talk with Harini – For the first time tuck Harini in to sleep – Me sleep

    Sunday so far – wake up – talk to Harini – check on comments – post replies !! Todo: Wash clothes, wash one plate, prepare breakfast, eat breakfast, prepare lunch, eat lunch, keep washing clothes, watch movies!!

  7. @Ms Imperfect Man! Good food can really make peole happy! 🙂

    @Johnny Dude, we’re definetly having more *real* fun than you!!!

    @Sid You’re learning guitar huh? me wanted to too…but don’t think I’m that patient!

    @Guru Your weekends sound interesting! :-p

  8. @PS – its not that easy at it sounds .. driving me nuts .. but then its all for that strike off on the list of things to do b4 30 (apart from tha thing tht I wanted to lear if for like forever! )! I recently found this tattoo place near my house .. alas! my mumz been vehemently opposing it 😦

    @guru – I see a periodic pattern in ur routine .. no guesses on which part :P!

  9. @all
    i hope this “dash between each word” doesnt become a permanent thingy. I’m getting a headache .

  10. @punns : “what is real?” – morpheus 😀

  11. What is real? How do you define real? If you are talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. This is the world you know. You’ve been living in a dream world PUNNS!!!!

  12. @Johnny High on coffee again????

  13. @punns : have u tried that coffe day’s chococino ??? and i didnt like the irish coffee

  14. @Johnny Been there done that…but i prefer americano…black coffee and not too much sugar!

  15. @punns ah i havnt tried that yet

  16. 16 Bentley

    @Punns n Deadalus : you fellas depress me! 😦

  17. 17 soorajrox

    get up @ 13 hrs….bored at home….go to a mall …go to the graphic novel section ….gaze at the books n their prices…curse the landmark for not putting up these books for sale….frustrated….read the books over there itself….get out ….buy cds….go home…the day over

  18. 18 soorajrox

    omg….wat did i do…..sorry puns…that was a mistake….i swear

  19. @Bentley Why do we depress you? 😐

    @sooraj Fixed! 🙂

  20. Hey man…2nd anniversary for the “ola padakkam” event in 121..hmmm.good ol’ days yeah ? u guys were heroes for that man!..moments of glory!

  21. 21 soorajrox

    dude…i had a great time in hyderabad…n happy anniv….btw its 3rd anniv man triquetra,108

  22. oops..yeah 121 was my room no..neways..u know better man!! aftall memos don’t lie huh? am i rubbing it in? y do i have a strange feeling i am..

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