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Disclaimer: The following is a result of waiting too long for something productive (regarding my posting) to happen. The author is not responsible for wasted time or moronic acts inspired by the following rant.   Over the years, we have had numerous men/women who have fought the system single-handedly without compromising on a single one of […]

The general feeling is that ‘work in a software company is quite mundane and does not involve too many programming skills.’ Here’s how one IT professional summed it up on a popular student forum: “Remember (the Indian) software industry is not about creating new things. It is all about client giving you work. Work that […]

This is a book I bought 5 months back and read once just before I came to Hyderabad. I was in too much of a hurry back then but I did realise that this was one of those books that deserved a second read and boy was I right! The last few books I read […]



…and wondering whether in similar irony, that Abulinix would force me to decide that my entire personality boiled down to neurochemistry, and I only flattered myself in believing that I possessed a free will in need of regular excercise. Then why would I do anything at all? Once you decide you’re only an animal, how […]

So here I am, back after a quick impulsive trip home and now I’ve got a guy standing next to my cubicle staring into my computer and I don’t even know him! I hope he’s reading this. ‘Go away, or I WILL punch you in the face!’ I’m not too much of a ‘festival celebrator’ […]

“A second is no more than a second. A minute is no more than a minute. A day is no more than a day. They pass. All things and all time will pass. Don’t force or fear, don’t control or lose control. Don’t fight and don’t stop fighting. Embrace and endure. If you embrace then […]

I think I’m getting the hang of this whole ‘Business Wait’ process. Could probably be ‘cos I discovered that our company had its own in-house blogging portal. So began the otherwise unimpressive day by registering a blog there and I even managed to post some random entry. I’m reading A Million Little Pieces right now […]