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  1. so ur the kid or the tiger? 😉

  2. @all4love the kid…ofcourse! 🙂

  3. Who wouldn’t wanna be Calvin? But how many people really wanna be Hobbes?

  4. @Guru Hmm…that depends on whether you look at Hobbes as a manifestation of calvin’s imagination or an entity entirely unto his own capable of thinking and making his own decisions. I’ve always thought Hobbes to be a result of Calvin’s imagination and hence does not have an opinion of his own but just voices Calvin’s inner doubts. (a lot like Fight Club)

    –I’ve been having way too much coffee–

  5. 5 soorajrox

    wait a minute….does that artist guy leave us to think that the tiger was his imagination??? I always thought it musta been mentioned before, so that everyone knows that the tiger is his imagination…..but still there wouldn’t have been fun in that

    I like the tiger from winnie the pooh…..T..I…G…E….err

  6. @sooraj I think it’s left for us to figure out! 🙂

  7. Hmm … I think Hobes is what Calvin really is … better still.. I think Hobes is what Calvin would grow up to be !!!!

  8. @sid I doubt that. See the author of the strip is an autistic savant who’s terribly shy and calvin is how he expresses his views on the absurdity of life. Hobbes may be the only sane voice he hears or even listens to! 🙂

  9. hmm .. point!

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