caffeine induced ramblings


I think I’m getting the hang of this whole ‘Business Wait’ process. Could probably be ‘cos I discovered that our company had its own in-house blogging portal. So began the otherwise unimpressive day by registering a blog there and I even managed to post some random entry.

I’m reading A Million Little Pieces right now (thanks to Ms Imperfect) and I can’t believe how much I love it and can barely put it down. Love the simple but gritty writing. Maybe someday, I’ll get to write something like that, go on Oprah, earn millions of dollars, earn another million dollars for writing another book, get defamed by some guy on the net researching into the ‘lies’ I’ve written and then go get bitch-slapped by Oprah!  James Frey, the author actually had to go through all this!

I’m in a really restless mood today (7 cups of coffee and counting) which probably explains the inconsequential ranting above. Plus I also kinda wish that life had background music to go with it. Would’ve been pretty awesome!

Anyhoo, apart from my brother, a great great friend (part of the EXTREME! gang 🙂 ) has decided to put his free time into words as well. He is pretty much the most enthu guy I’ve known! 

Listening to The Saga Begins by Weird Al Yankowic (Man! I love this track so damn much!!!)

PS– The following was overheard by a friend of a friend at a project interview at work.

Interviewer: What is a Package? (Referring to Package in Oracle)

Interviewee: Um…X.XXXX lacs per annum!

He got the project!


12 Responses to “caffeine induced ramblings”

  1. 1 Bentley


    You guys have an in house blogging portal? WTF?


  2. @Bentley Um…yea…and some of the blogs are pretty damn good!

  3. 3 Bentley

    Cumon buddy,

    Well what sort of blogs do they have? Most prolly all of the might be techy eh? Are these blogs just internally accessible? If not sjust share a couple of links will ya?!

  4. Nope…they cover most topics from movies to social issues to geek stuff! But only accessible via the Intranet! sorry man! 😦

  5. 5 Bentley

    Now let me get this straight? your company actually promotes blogging amongst employees?? GOD I HATE MY COMPANY!!! The last time i tried to pitch the concept of a corporate blog to some people they were like “Ewwh, no way, its too risky…We already have dynamic content” ! SIGH!!

    Now i wish i was out there!

  6. U finally jotted down d interview….

  7. @indisch I couldn’t resist! 🙂

  8. I’m still not getting the hang of this ‘Business Wait’. I think Marvin is getting some serious competition.

  9. @daedalus Hang in there man…you’ve atleast got the net you bum!!!

  10. @ All: Business Wait huh? Hehehe!! Yeeenjooy maadi ;-)!

  11. 11 Charl

    You know, I’ve always thought that everyone should have a soundtrack that best describes their aspirations and values, something that moves and inspires the way they live! Sort of how…in Atlas Shrugged, Halley’s fifth concerto provides a soundtrack to Dagny Taggart, giving life to all she stands for and believes in. Music is so powerful and poignant and there would have to be something written somewhere that describes the essense if each individual character. It may not be a single composition but a range of them to reflect different facets of the same individual, as it is in my case, from Green Day to Hans Zimmerman and Amy Winehouse and much in between:)

  12. @Charl: What the hell are you doing going through all these old posts? I feel so…so…*naked*.

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